August Ludwig von Rochau

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August Ludwig von Rochau (born August 20, 1810 in Wolfenbüttel , † October 15, 1873 in Heidelberg ) was a German publicist and politician .


August Ludwig von Rochau was born in Wolfenbüttel in 1810 and studied law , history and political science in Jena and Göttingen. In 1833 he was involved as a fraternity member (1829: Burschenschaft Teutonia Göttingen , 1830: Jenaische Burschenschaft , 1831: Burschenschaft Germania Jena ) in the assault on the Frankfurt Hauptwache . After the failure of the company, he was arrested and lifelong prison convicted. Therefore, with the help of friends, he fled to France and worked there as a correspondent for liberal German newspapers.

He experienced the revolutionary year of 1848 as a publicist in Germany, was then expelled from Berlin and spent two years in Italy. In 1848 he was a member of the preliminary parliament . In 1853 he settled in Heidelberg and published his best-known work, the principles of Realpolitik .

From 1860 to 1866 he worked as an editor for the weekly of the German National Association , of which he was a co-founder. On February 25, 1870, he was elected to the Reichstag of the North German Confederation in a replacement election and in 1871 to the first Reichstag of the German Empire . As a member of parliament, he represented the constituency of the Duchy of Braunschweig 2 (Helmstedt - Wolfenbüttel). August Ludwig von Rochau died in Heidelberg in 1873 as a result of a stroke.


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