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August von Wille: Self-Portrait, 1848, Beda House, Bitburg

August Levin von Wille (born April 18, 1828 in Kassel , † March 31, 1887 in Düsseldorf ) was a German late romantic landscape and genre painter .


Wille came from a noble family in Hesse and was the youngest of eight children of the electoral Hessian secret government councilor and consistorial director Friedrich von Wille (1776-1837) and the Philippine von Hachenberg (1783-1876).

He married the animal painter Clara von Böttcher (born January 31, 1837 in Düsseldorf, † March 14, 1883 in Düsseldorf) on May 31, 1859 in Rüdesheim am Rhein , the daughter of the royal Prussian major Friedrich von Böttcher and Julie von Buggenhagen . Their son was the landscape painter Fritz von Wille (1860–1941).

life and work

Wille was the first artist in his family who was ennobled in 1780 and in which higher civil servants had dominated until then. He studied at the Academy in Kassel from 1843 to 1847, before entering the landscape class of Johann Wilhelm Schirmer at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in 1847 . After military service from 1851 to 1852, he continued his training with Schirmer until 1854. In 1849 he became a member of the Düsseldorf artist association Malkasten .

Wille lived in Weimar from 1859 to 1863 after Grand Duke Karl-Alexander von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach had appointed him as a teacher at the local art school. In 1863 he finally returned to Düsseldorf with his family . He worked as a portraitist, landscape, architecture and genre painter. He traveled u. a. to Thuringia, Hesse, the Middle Rhine and the Moselle. He mainly painted his small-format landscapes outdoors.

Wille followed his teacher Schirmer stylistically, but broke away from his detailed realism. Until the end of his career, he was completely in the Düsseldorf school tradition . This includes its spacious atmospheric landscapes. Often he also painted romantically conceived city and architectural motifs, such as picturesque winding streets, castle and monastery ruins, often with small-figure staffage. Scenes by moonlight with stage lighting are typical of his oeuvre. He was also influenced stylistically and thematically by Caspar Johann Nepomuk Scheuren . Fantastic forest scenes testify to his recourse to romanticism.

By transferring the historical landscape painting by Carl Friedrich Lessing into the small format and the idyll, Wille approached genre painting. In addition to the landscape and genre paintings, several well-painted portraits are known.

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