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Brod stands for:

Brod (Slavic for ford ) are called the following places:

in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Brod (city) , also known as Bosanski Brod , city in the entity Republika Srpska

in Kosovo:

in Croatia:

in Slovakia:

in Czech Republic:

Parish parts:


    • Vráto , municipality in Okres České Budějovice, Czech Republic ( Brod )
    • Brod (Stožec) , desertification on the corridors of Stožec , Okres Prachatice, Czech Republic ( Grasfurth )

Brod is the family name of the following people:

  • Max Brod (singer) (1880–1959), Austrian tenor
  • Max Brod (1884–1968), Austrian writer and composer
  • Michael Brod (1874–1960), German doctor and medical adviser, father of Walter M. Brod
  • Oliver Brod (* 1971), German actor
  • Sid Brod (1899–1955), American assistant director, screenwriter, production manager and film producer
  • Soja Ossipowna Brod (1907–1972), Soviet architect
  • Viktor Brod (1894–1969), Austrian writer
  • Walter M. Brod (1912–2010), German doctor, art collector and regional historian

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