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BDe 4/4 I.
Left BDe 4/4 I 603 in dark red / cream, right BDe 4/4 I 604 in red with white stripes.  Le Noirmont, 1977
Left BDe 4/4 I 603 in dark red / cream,
right BDe 4/4 I 604 in red with white stripes.
Le Noirmont, 1977
Numbering: 601-608
Manufacturer: SIG , SAAS
Year of construction (s): 1953
Axis formula : Bo'Bo '
Gauge : 1000 mm ( meter gauge )
Length over coupling: 16,760 mm
Total wheelbase: 13 810 mm
Service mass: 26.5 t
Friction mass: 26.5 t
Top speed: 70 km / h
Hourly output : 324 kW (452  hp )
Starting tractive effort: 44 kN
Hourly traction: 31 kN at 37.7 km / h
Driving wheel diameter: 740 mm
Power system : 1500 V =
Number of traction motors: 4th
Seats: 32
Classes : 2nd Class
Loading area: 5 m²

BDe 4/4 I is the serial designation for meter-gauge passenger and luggage railcars of the Chemins de fer du Jura (CJ) with the numbers 601 to 608. When they were commissioned in 1953, they were designated as CFe 4/4 601-608.

In 1986 the BDe 4/4 I 603 received a first-class compartment and the designation ABDe 4/4 603.


Train with two BDe 4/ 4s in 1976 at Pré-Petitjean .

After it was founded, the Chemins de fer du Jura initiated the technical renovation of the acquired railway lines. The La Chaux-de-Fonds – Noirmont – Saignelégier – Glovelier line was electrified with 1500 volts direct current . The Saignelégier – Glovelier section was also converted from normal to meter gauge. On the Tavannes – Noirmont line , the contact line voltage was increased from 1200 to 1500 volts. The existing electric locomotives BCe 2/4 and Ge 2/2 from the Chemin de fer Tavannes – Noirmont were only used for secondary tasks.

For operation on their narrow-gauge network, the CJ procured the eight BDe 4/4 I and three De 4/4 luggage railcars from the Swiss Industrial Society (SIG) in Neuhausen am Rheinfall and from the Société Anonyme des Ateliers de Sécheron (SAAS) in Geneva and control cars that go with both types of railcars . The vehicles handled practically all traffic on the CJ's narrow-gauge network until 1986.


The car bodies of the BDe 4/4 I are made of light steel construction. The voltage of the four self-ventilated drive motors is regulated with an SAAS hopper control . The wagon body rests on two SIG torsion bar - bogies . The four axes are driven by SAAS lamellar drives. The multiple control enables remote control from the Bt 701–706 control car and multiple traction , also with the De 4/4 401–403 luggage railcar . Upon delivery, the BDe 4/4 I were painted in dark red and cream.


BDe 4/4 I 606 in 1978 with VST standard paintwork. The control car still has the original paintwork.
BDe 4/4 I 608 with the current CJ paintwork and swing doors.

When the third car class was abolished in Europe on June 3, 1956 , the railcars were given the designation BDe 4/4. In 1960/61 the metal letters "CJ" on the side walls were replaced by glued logos. In 1963/64 the railcars were equipped with the ZST-90 train protection system and the compressed air whistles were replaced by macrophones . From 1970 the wooden benches were upholstered. In 1971, thanks to improvements in the drive motors, the top speed could be increased from 60 to 70 km / h.

In the 1970s, the BDe 4/4 606 was given the VST standard paintwork on a trial basis . The paintwork didn't work and a year later the vehicle was painted red with a white stripe. Later all vehicles received this paint.

After the delivery of the multiple units BDe 4/4 II 611–614 in 1985/86, the BDe 4/4 were given the designation BDe 4/4 I, which is still valid today. In the following years, the BDe 4/4 I were given a paint job in CJ design based on the model of the BDe 4/4 II.

ABDe 4/4
ABDe 4/4 603 with first-class compartment in the middle, 2006 Information deviating from the BDe 4/4 I:
ABDe 4/4 603 with first-class compartment in the middle, 2006

Information deviating from the BDe 4/4 I:
Numbering: 603
Year of construction (s): 1986 (renovation)
Seats: 9 + 16
Classes : 1st and 2nd class

The procurement of the GTW ABe 2/6 in 2001 made it possible to take part of the BDe 4/4 I out of operation. The railcars no. 603 and 606–608 that were still required received swing doors instead of folding doors without anti-trap protection.

Conversion to ABDe 4/4 603

In order to have a replacement vehicle with first class when the BDe 4/4 II was revised, a first class compartment was installed in vehicle no. 603 in 1986. The converted railcar was given the designation ABDe 4/4 603.

Location of the vehicles

The railcars and control cars that were no longer needed came to various other railways:


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