So close to the horizon (film)

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Original title So close to the horizon
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2019
length 117 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Tim costume
script Ariane Schröder
production Kristina Löbbert
music Michael Kamm
camera Fabian Rösler
cut Charles Ladmiral

A film drama by Tim Trachte , which was released in German cinemas on October 10, 2019, is so close to the horizon . The film is based on the bestseller of the same name by Jessica Koch . Jannik Schümann and Luna Wedler as well as Luise Befort play the leading roles .


18 year old Jessica Koch falls head over heels in love with Danny Taylor, a handsome and successful kickboxer and model. Behind its outwardly perfect facade, however, there is a deeply traumatized person. Danny was severely abused and raped by his father at the age of 11. One consequence of this was that he infected him with HIV . Since Danny is aware that it is almost impossible for him to have a normal relationship, he repeatedly blocks Jessica's attempts to get closer and deliberately hurts her. The young woman doesn't give up, however, and Danny actually falls in love with her too. At first Jessica doesn't know about Danny's illness, but she notices that he's hiding something from her, as he behaves strangely in some situations, such as a joint bicycle accident. When she found out about his illness, she was shocked at first, but stayed with him despite everything.

This is how Jessica gets to know Danny's best friend and roommate Tina. She is a former drug addict prostitute. She has an intimate relationship with Danny, which Jessica first has to get along with. Tina was also raped by her father in her childhood, a trauma that connects Danny and she. This also means that both of them often sleep together in one bed in order to be there for each other. The trio grew closer and closer together over time.

When Tina receives a call from her mother telling her that her father has been released from prison, she relapses. Danny finds her lifeless in a house full of other consumers and takes her to a clinic. But there was no more help there.

Danny and Jessica struggled with the loss for a long time. However, Jessica manages to help Danny out of his deep grief. When Danny is in a car accident as a result of a brief sleep at the wheel, it is discovered at the hospital that the loss of Tina accelerated the onset of his illness. The doctors predict a life expectancy of around 3 to 15 months. His body will gradually degrade, so that he will have to expect paralysis or blindness. The two travel to the USA anyway, which they had planned anyway. There Danny tells Jessica that he would not do the possible, but only slightly life-prolonging, therapy because he would rather die himself. After the trip to the USA, they clash again, but she accepts his decision and does not want to press him for treatment.

Soon afterwards she finds a letter from Danny saying goodbye and wishing her all the best. He leaves her his house and an account in her name and says goodbye with reference to a poem by Joseph von Eichendorff , which connects them both with the beginning of their relationship.


The film is based on the biographical novel of the same name by Jessica Koch from 2016, in which the author tells a true story. The novel was adapted for the film by Ariane Schröder . Directed by Tim Trachte .

The film received production funding from the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern in the amount of 450,000 euros and from the Filmförderungsanstalt in the amount of 300,000 euros.

The shooting took place between September 18 and November 15, 2018 in Cologne , Munich and Portugal .

A first trailer was presented at the beginning of July 2019. The film was released in German cinemas on October 10, 2019.


Age rating

In Germany, the film was approved by the FSK from the age of 12. The statement of reasons for the release states that the dramatic aspects of illness and abuse are presented in an understandable manner. Some stressful, tragic passages could emotionally overwhelm children under 12, but 12-year-olds are able to place them in context and to distance themselves sufficiently due to their cognitive development and their media experience. The protagonist's strength also gives them emotional support, as she ultimately grows with the challenges and is suitable for young people to identify with.

Reviews and grossing results

Michael Ranze writes on, the website of the Guild of German Film Art Theaters , that teenage romance deals with serious questions such as how to fall in love in the face of a serious illness that can soon lead to death and why you should live in the present, if tomorrow it can all be over. You have to acknowledge how seriously director Tim Trachte discusses dealing with HIV and abuse by the father after the romantic beginning of the film, and at times this reminds you of Fate is a lousy traitor , but with increasing duration, screenwriter Ariane Schröder accumulates too many problems that seemed implausible in their forcedness and distracted from the actual conflict, says Ranze.

The film critic Antje Wessels notes that the film ultimately tells far too much material in far too little screen time, which reveals one of the typical problems of literary adaptations. Since the script spends an extremely long time on the process of falling in love, Trachte could not maintain the advantages of the first hour until the end. As excellently as the pictures are composed and as accurately as the soundtrack is chosen, the story is hectically heading for its devastating finale, continues Wessels: “Those who know the book know: The story continues in two books. And should the first film adaptation be followed by two sequels, the second half of the film, which rushed to the end of various open narrative strands, might still be bearable. But suddenly so many things happen on the screen at once that so close to the horizon on the home straight appears much more constructed than at the beginning. "

The film service wrote that the "love story based on American models" had "an extraordinary leading actress, great feelings and an original soundtrack". As a qualification, it was stated that “the many coherent parts would not add up to a real whole”.

So far, the film has had 342,342 visitors in Germany.


Bavarian Film Award 2020

  • Award as best young actress ( Luna Wedler , also for Auerhaus )

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