General Belgrano Department (Chaco)

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General Belgrano
General Belgrano Department (Chaco - Argentina) .png
Location of General Belgrano in Chaco (Argentina)
Capital Corzuela
population 10,470 (2001, INDEC)
surface 1,218 km²
Population density 8.6 inhabitants / km²

The General Belgrano Department is located in the western center of the Chaco Province in northwest Argentina and is one of the province's 25 administrative units .

It is bordered by the Almirante Brown department to the north, the Independencia and O'Higgins departments to the east, and the Nueve de Julio department to the south and west .

The capital of the General Belgrano Department is Corzuela . It is located 255 kilometers from the provincial capital Resistencia and about 1250 kilometers from Buenos Aires .

cities and communes

The Department General Belgrano consists of a municipality ( Municipio ):


The department was named in honor of General Manuel Belgrano (born June 3, 1770, † June 20, 1820), an Argentine lawyer, politician and military leader. The department was created by presidential decree on April 30, 1917.

Coordinates: 26 ° 57 ′  S , 61 ° 0 ′  W