San Fernando Department

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San Fernando
Department of San Fernando (Chaco - Argentina) .png
Location of San Fernando in Chaco (Argentina)
Capital Resistencia
population 365,637 (2001, INDEC)
surface 3,489 km²
Population density 104.8 inhabitants / km²

The department of San Fernando is located in the extreme southeast of the province of Chaco in northwest Argentina and is one of 25 administrative units in the province.

It borders the Libertad and Primero de Mayo departments to the north, the Corrientes province to the east, the Santa Fe province to the south and the Tapenagá department to the west .

The capital of the Department of San Fernando is Resistencia .


According to INDEC estimates , the population of the department rose from 365,637 inhabitants (2001) to 408,084 inhabitants in 2005.

cities and communes

The department of San Fernando is divided into the following municipalities:

Coordinates: 27 ° 45 ′  S , 59 ° 0 ′  W