The battle for Troy

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German title The battle for Troy
Original title La guerra di Troia
Country of production Italy , France
original language Italian
Publishing year 1961
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Giorgio Ferroni
script Giorgio Ferroni
Ugo Liberatore
Giorgio Stegani
Federico Zardi
production Giampaolo Bigazzi
music Mario Ammonini
Giovanni Fusco
camera Rino Filippini
cut Antonietta Zita

The fight for Troy (original title: La guerra di Troia ) is an Italian - French adventure film by director Giorgio Ferroni from 1961 .


War has raged between Troy and Greece for ten years . The Greeks started the war to get revenge for the kidnapping of Helena by the Trojan Paris . The Trojan leader Hector is killed by Achilles . Choosing a new leader is difficult. While the nobles prefer cunning Paris, the soldiers want the brave fighter Aeneas , who is secretly married to Priam 's daughter Krëusa .

Together with Aeneas, Priam visits the camp of the Greeks to claim the body of Hector. Hector had died in a duel with Achilles and his body had been dragged into the Greek camp. This leads to a duel between Aeneas and the Greek warrior Ajax , which Aeneas wins. When Aeneas sets out to raise new troops for the fight, his now pregnant wife Krëusa is taken hostage . Aeneas returns and frees his wife. In doing so, he inflicts heavy losses on the enemy. Still, Paris refuses to support him.

The Greek Odysseus suggests making a large wooden horse and depicting it as a sacred object. The Greeks fake their retreat and retreat across the sea until they are out of sight. On the beach they leave the horse outside the Trojan gates. A number of warriors have hidden inside the wooden horse. The Trojans take the horse into town and celebrate their victory. During the night when the Trojans are sleeping, the Greek warriors get out of their horses and open the city gate. The invading Greek troops capture Troy and set it on fire. Aeneas finds the body of his wife who gave birth to a boy shortly before her death. Aeneas fled to Italy with his son and some confidants.


The lexicon of international film described the film as "a picture book antiquity with spectacular battle and costume scenes."


The premiere took place in Italy on October 26, 1961. His West German premiere the film had on 20 April 1962. In the GDR he first ran on 22 January 1988 to DFF 1 on TV.

The film was made at Centralni Filmsi Studio Kosutnjak in Belgrade . It was a co-production of the Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique with Europa Cinematografica , Les Films Modernes and Lovcen Film . In Germany it was brought to cinemas by Alemannia Filmverleih .

Former Mr. Universe Steve Reeves was a sought-after actor in the Italian sandal movie at the time of filming . A year later he embodied the figure of Aeneas in Giorgio Venturini's Aeneas (OT: La leggenda di Enea ). Some footage from the film was used in the feature film Achilles two years later .

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