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Singers 'hall of the 1st German Singers' Association in 1865 on the Waldschlößchenwiese in Dresden
Singer Festival Hall in the summer of 1887 on the Burgfeld in Lübeck for the 25th anniversary of the DSB
Moved to the 1928 singer association festival in Vienna
125 years of the Deutscher Sängerbund: German postage stamp from 1987

The German Singers Association (DSB) was founded on September 21, 1862 a. a. founded by Carl Gerster in Coburg and was the world's largest amateur choir association. It existed as an independent association until 2005 and united 1.8 million members in almost 22,000 choirs as well as instrumental and dance groups affiliated with choirs in Germany and abroad.


Singers' Federation

After Gerster had already organized a Greater German Singers 'Festival in Nuremberg in July 1861 , the first German Singers' Union Festival took place in Dresden in 1865 . About 16,000 singers took part in the four-day festival. In a specially built, 155 meter long and 70 meter wide festival hall there was space for 20,000 visitors. 200,000 visitors attended a parade from the city center to the festival area below the Waldschlößchen brewery . A total of 300,000 people attended the events of the festival, of which the singing oak, one of the memorial trees in Dresden , planted in November 1865, commemorates today .

At the festival, an attempt was made to found an umbrella organization for academic choral societies and song boards. Otto Elben became the first chairman of the DSB .

List of the national singing festivals:

  1. German Festival of Singers, 1865 in Dresden
  2. German Singers' Festival, 1874 in Munich
  3. German Festival of Singers, 1882 in Hamburg
  4. German Festival of Singers, 1890 in Vienna
  5. German Festival of Singers, 1896 in Stuttgart
  6. German Singers' Festival, 1902 in Graz
  7. German Festival of Singers, 1907 in Breslau
  8. German Singers' Festival, 1912 in Nuremberg
  9. German Singers' Festival, 1924 in Hanover
  10. German Singers' Festival, 1928 in Vienna
  11. German Festival of Singers, 1932 in Frankfurt am Main
  12. German Festival of Singers, 1937 in Breslau
  13. German National Singers' Festival, 1951 in Mainz
  14. German Singers' Festival, 1956 in Stuttgart
  15. German Singers' Festival, 1962 in Essen
  16. German Singers' Festival, 1968 in Stuttgart
  17. Choir Festival of the German Singers Association, 1976 in Berlin
  18. Choir Festival of the German Singers Association, 1983 in Hamburg
  19. Choir Festival of the German Singers Association, 1992 in Cologne
  20. Choir Festival of the German Singers Association, 2003 in Berlin

After the transition to the German Choir Association in 2005, the long tradition of the Singers Association ends. It is replaced by the German Choir Festival , which was held in Bremen in 2008, Frankfurt am Main in 2012 and in Stuttgart in 2016.

Transition to the German Choir Association

On February 26, 2005, the Singers' Day of the German Singers Association decided to merge with the German General Singers Association to form the German Choir Association . After the singers' day of the German General Singers Association approved the association the next day, the new association was founded on February 28th.

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