Do or Die (The BossHoss album)

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Thu or Die
Studio album by The BossHoss


June 19, 2009

Label (s) Universal ; Island Records

Format (s)

CD , deluxe version (CD + DVD )

Genre (s)

Rock , country , hard rock

Title (number)




  • female background choir: vocals on Quick Joey Small


Hoss Power

Studio (s)

Sonnenstudio Music, Berlin

Stallion Battalion
Thu or Die Low Voltage

Do or Die is the fourth studio album by the German band The BossHoss , released in 2009 . The album mainly contains compositions by the band and, in addition to country music, also elements from punk , hard rock and rockabilly .


About the title of the album, Power noted in an interview: "Living in the sense of 'erasing the past, starting over, getting up again and again because every day can be your first'". Last Day and Close were later recorded with an acoustic line-up for the compilation album Low Voltage . Go! Go! Go! was released as a single, but did not reach the charts.

Crazy About Mary follows the lyrics to the songs Mary Marry Me and Goodbye Mary from the albums Rodeo Radio and Stallion Battalion . The piece is one of two that Power composed with Williamson.

Track list

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Thu or Die
  DE 4th 07/03/2009 (16 weeks)
  AT 38 07/03/2009 (6 weeks)
  CH 32 07/05/2009 (10 weeks)
Last Day (Do or Die)
  DE 78 06/19/2009 (1 week)
  1. Last Day (Power) 3:54
  2. Eagleize It (Power) 3:25
  3. Boon And Bain (Power) 3:32
  4. Jelly Bean (Power) 3:23
  5. Break Free (Power) 3:38
  6. 21st Century Buttkickin 'Love Affair (Power) 3:15
  7. Go! Go! Go! (Power) 3:12
  8. Rock On Rock (Power) 3:03
  9. Wolf Call ( Presley ) 2:56
  10. Close (Power) 3:03
  11. Quick Joey Small (Kasenetz, Katz) 2:17
  12. Shake Your Hips ( Harpo ) 3:24
  13. Guitars And Cars (Power) 3:02
  14. Crazy About Mary (Power / Williamson) 3:29

Bonus titles on the DVD

  1. Anarchy in the UK ( Cook / Jones / Matlock / Rotten )
  2. Rodeo Radio (Power)
  3. Remedy (Power)
  4. Polk Salad Annie ( White )
  5. Drowned in Lake Daniels (Power / Heinen)
  6. Sugarman (Rodriguez)
  7. Ça plane pour moi (Lacomblez / Deprijk)
  8. Yeehaw (Power)
  9. Shake & Shout (Power)
  10. Stallion Battalion (Power)
  11. Jesus Built My Hotrod ( Jourgensen / Barker / Riefflin / Balch / Haynes)
  12. Hey ya! ( Benjamin )


Marius Meyer wrote for on June 16, 2009: “ The BossHoss don't make it difficult to like them even on Do or Die. It is more difficult to find new words for what it always is after all the concerts and releases: rousing music that is really fun and doesn't get boring. Despite the high frequency with which The BossHoss bring their music to the people - be it on tour or on CD - they manage not to become monotonous or to repeat themselves. And that alone is a really good achievement. Whoever liked The BossHoss so far will like this album too. An album to open up new target groups is also not Do or Die, but that should be a worry that the band from Berlin, Mississippi probably doesn't have to deal with so quickly. "


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