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Fritz Preiss : The poet Eberhard König , c. 1931

Eberhard König (born June 18, 1871 in Grünberg , Province of Silesia , † December 26, 1949 in Berlin ) was a German writer ( playwright and narrator).

life and work

Eberhard König was the son of a paint manufacturer. In the family house, however, he was more under the influence of his mother. In his youth he showed skills in drawing and sculpture and wanted to become a painter.

König studied philology and art history in Göttingen and Berlin , but did not finish his studies. During his studies he became a member of the "Student Choral Society of Georgia Augusta" (today StMV Blue Singer Göttingen ) and in 1893/94 of the Academic Liedertafel Berlin in the Sondershäuser Association . He worked as a dramaturge in Berlin and later moved to Frohnau / Mark, where he lived as a freelance writer. His political attitude was shaped by conservatism and attachment to the tradition of idealism. He drew his literary material from German and ancient history and legends. He was best known as a playwright. König created stories, short stories and fairy tale legends. His more important works are the detective play Meister Joseph (1906) and the fairy tale legend The Legend of the Enchanted King (1925). In 1917 his book If the old Fritz would have known ... (Eine Rübezahlmär) was published .

In König's work it becomes clear how he viewed his present: In the Rübezahlmär, the poet succeeded in penetrating a section of recent history with the old mountain saga and the deep tragedy that rests over the personality of Old Fritz is so impressively depicted that the small story contributes to the understanding of the Prussian king. For a long time he had occupied himself with the thoughts of Frederick the Great. The book If the old Fritz would have known ... was published four times (last in 1942).

Today he is one of the little-known authors.


In total, König wrote or was involved in 64 books. A selection:

  • If old Fritz had known ... (Eine Rübezahlmär), Matthes-Verlag, Leipzig and Hamburg 1917
  • Legends. Matthes-Verlag, Leipzig and Hamburg 1917
  • The legend of the enchanted king. Greiner & Pfeiffer Hofbuchdruckerei , Stuttgart 1925

Radio plays

Speaker among others:

First broadcast: October 26, 1927 - live broadcast without recording


Commons : Eberhard König  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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