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Edgar Mertner (born December 13, 1907 in Gurten , Posen-West district , † October 19, 1999 in Munster ) was a German Anglicist . From 1951 to 1976 he was professor of English philology at the University of Münster .


Mertner was born as the son of an elementary school teacher and attended schools in Schlehen and the grammar school in Aschersleben , where he passed his school leaving examination in 1926 . He then began studying modern languages, German and philosophy at the universities of Marburg , Breslau , Berlin and Halle . In 1930 he was promoted to Dr. phil. obtained his doctorate and passed the state examination in 1931 with the treatise The Becoming of the Artistic World Show by George Meredith . He continued his studies from 1931 to 1933 in the preparatory service for the secondary school in Erfurt and in the meantime in the summer semester of 1932 in Exeter . After the transfer of power to the Nazis , he joined on 1 November, the SA and became after the members-record lock the NSDAP on 1 March 1937 member of the NSDAP . In 1933 he became an assessor at the Reform-Realgymnasium in Merseburg and worked from 1934 to 1937 as a lecturer for the German language at Cardiff University in Wales , where he did his Master of Arts . Back in Germany, he became a teacher at the girls' high school in Halle.

Mertner received his habilitation in 1938 with the thesis on Das Prosawerk Rudyard Kiplings : a contribution to the history of the English novella , in the following year he was appointed lecturer and in 1940/41 accepted a teaching position for English philology at the University of Greifswald. In 1941 he switched to the Foreign Office as a research assistant and held a teaching position at the University of Innsbruck until 1942 . In 1943 Mertner was transferred to the broadcasting policy department for the UK sector. He continued his education in Greifswald and was appointed associate professor in Innsbruck in 1944. At the end of the Second World War he was interned in the UK. After his release he became a lecturer for English at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel in 1946 , where he received an associate's post in 1947. In 1951 he was appointed full professor of English philology at the University of Münster, where he retired in 1976 .

Mertner's academic work includes studies on Rudyard Kipling and the history of English literature , on which he wrote a joint work with Ewald Standop in 1967 . He was involved in the development of the English seminar, of which he was director, and in the establishment of the Institute of Honorary Awards for Studies on the Work of Jonathan Swift at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster. Mertner was the dean of the English Department and the Philosophical Faculty.

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