A beetle goes all out

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Original title A beetle goes all out
Country of production Germany , Switzerland
original language German
Publishing year 1971
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Rudolf Zehetgruber
script Alexander De Callier ,
Rudolf Zehetgruber
production Rudolf Zehetgruber
music Hans Hammerschmid ,
Roman Kwiatkowski
camera Ken Hoover ,
Pierre Perreira ,
Alexander Posch

A Beetle Goes All Out is a German-Swiss film from 1971. It is the first of five films in the Dudu film series about a miracle beetle of the same name .


James Butler from Scotland wants to take part in the East African Rally . Since Ben and his wonder beetle Dudu are not allowed to participate in the rally, Ben uses Dudu as a service vehicle for the rally. During the rally they have to deal with several participants, among whom is a Graf who doesn't shy away from unfair means in order to win.


Blended with uncut footage (" stock footage ") from a safari film, this first film in the series is more of a curiosity due to its amateurish special effects . Another curious fact is that completely different Beetle variants can be seen visually. In this first film, Dudu is still a model from the late 1960s with an already large rear window, but one scene suddenly shows an oval from around 1954. Zehetgruber, who is already playing the main role here under the pseudonym Richard Lynn , is driving as a “service team” with his new VW Beetle in a rally through Africa and follows a hovercraft through the steppe. At the very beginning you learn that the VW Beetle is none other than the film prop from Herbie, who was broken in half at the end of the film A great Beetle . At the side of Zehetgruber, the voice actor and actor Gerd Duwner , who was best known as the voice of Ernie from Sesame Street, plays.


"Technically sloppy infusion of the Disney film A great Beetle", in which the advertising character almost displaces the entertainment approach. "

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