Elvis has left the building

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"Elvis has left the building!" ( Elvis Has Left the Building ) is a figure of speech , often by speakers to concerts by Elvis Presley was used to cause an addition waiting spectators to leave. Al Dvorin , a spokesman who traveled with Presley throughout his career, popularized the phrase because his voice was featured on many of the recordings of Presley's performances.


This saying was coined by Horace Lee Logan on the occasion of Presley's last concert for the US country music show Louisiana Hayride on December 15, 1956. After Elvis' appearance, Logan appealed to the raging audience not to look outside for one last look at her idol storm but instead check out the other artists on the show. Logan's complete line was “Please, young people… Elvis has left the building. He has gotten in his car and driven away. Please take your seats. " ("Please, young people ... Elvis has left the building. He got in his car and drove away. Please sit down.") Since then, the phrase has become a popular saying in popular culture and is often used when someone is in any Way leaves the scene.

Usage today

  • Baseball radio and television commentators sometimes use the term to describe a home run , as it typically follows a stroke of the ball across the field line into the audience.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey broadcaster Mike Lange uses the phrase after Pittsburgh home wins.
  • At the end of some Frasier episodes, Kelsey Grammer says, "Frasier has left the building." This contemporary reference to Elvis was a very popular way of telling viewers that the show was over.
  • This saying is also used in the film Independence Day (1996) when the protagonists escape the enemy spaceship.
  • In the action film Crime is King (2001), the sentence falls after gangsters in Elvis Presley costumes robbed a casino and escaped during the appearance of a Presley impersonator.
  • The credits of the movie Jay and Silent Bob strike back (2001) ends with the words "Jay and Silent Bob have left the building" .
  • The movie-comedy Elvis Has Left the Building (2004) owes its title to the saying .
  • Frank Zappa wrote the song Elvis has just left the building for his 1988 album Broadway the Hard Way . The song is an ironic allusion to the cult of star in pop music.
  • The rock band Living Color released the single Elvis is Dead (from the album Time's Up ) in 1990 , in which this quote can be heard (next to a German “Elvis is buried” and similar statements in different languages).
  • In the computer game Grand Theft Auto 2 , the sentence appears on the screen when you run over a group of Elvis doppelgangers.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories , the protagonist Toni Cipriani says after killing one of his opponents: "Ladies and gentlemen, Paulie Sindacco has left the building."
  • In the English version of the musical Tanz der Vampire , a song is entitled God has left the building .
  • In the song Calling Elvis by Dire Straits one line reads "Did he leave the building?"
  • A Bruce Dickinson song is titled after the saying.
  • In the Kettcar song Graceland one also hears this phrase at the end. The text also says "Elvis has left the house of cards" .
  • Alf uses this saying in the 13th episode of the third season of ALF . The episode is about Presley.
  • In the television series Burn Notice Sam Ax (used Bruce Campbell ) in the tenth episode of season decoy the phrase "He has left the building" jokingly as an explanation for the whereabouts of a bound captive, he has just been thrown out the window.
  • Also in the comedy series King of Queens , Doug Heffernan ( Kevin James ) used the sentence in the seventh episode of the third season Trio Infernale in reference to his grown Elvis sideburns.
  • In 1992 The KLF made their last appearance together at the Brit Award ceremony . The KLF were opened for appearance with the grindcore -Formation Extreme Noise Terror together, shot with machine guns and blank ammunition into the crowd, leaving after a two and a half minute noise version of their hit 3 AM Eternal and the final announcement "The KLF has now left the music business" a distraught audience back.
  • On the album The Ultimate Aural Orgasm by the band Scooter , a song is entitled The Shit That Killed Elvis . This song ends with a phone announcement telling the listener, “Sorry, Elvis just left the building. Please try again. "
  • The punk band Broilers uses in their song Punkrock Love Song with "Shortly after Elvis left the building forever" a Germanized allusion to the phrase.
  • In the comedy series Two and a Half Men , Alan Harper ( Jon Cryer ) uses the phrase in the eighth episode of the third season, That Voodoo That I Do Do , to alert Charlie Harper ( Charlie Sheen ) that his advances to a Woman did not work. Because she had just left the café, unimpressed.
  • After the last crew member left the space shuttle "Atlantis" after its last use and successful landing on July 21, 2011, this was commented on by radio with "Last crew member is out, Elvis has left the building" .
  • At the official farewell to WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels , he said goodbye based on this quote with the words "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels has left the building" .
  • In the film American Princess ( Chasing Liberty , 2004), the Secret Service agents use the term "Liberty" as a code name for the daughter of the US president whom they have to protect. They communicate via their walkie talkies. a. "Liberty has left the building."
  • At the end of the radio show by Kai Karsten on the radio station SWR 3, the statement "Kai Karsten has just left the broadcasting station" is heard.
  • The episode “The Open Day” of the children's cartoon series Fireman Sam ends with the words “Elvis has left the building” (there is a character named Elvis in the series).
  • The English electro-punk band Sleaford Mods uses the somewhat sharper phrase "Elvis has definitely left the fucking building" in their song "TCR".
  • In the film Death Comes Krass von Erkan and Stefan , the phrase is used by the two of them after they threw the late presenter Hardy Flanders into the laundry chute of the cruise ship.