Jay and Silent Bob strike back

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German title Jay and Silent Bob strike back
Original title Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2001
length 104 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Kevin Smith
script Kevin Smith
production Scott Mosier
music James L. Venable
camera Jamie Anderson
cut Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Original title: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ) is an American comedy film of director Kevin Smith and already the fifth part of the New Jersey films , this time with the duo Jay and Silent Bob ( Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) in the lead roles.


Jay and Silent Bob find out that the comic book Bluntman & Chronic , for which they are the model, is to be made into a film by Miramax Films . The film and its leading actors are discussed on the Internet, and so the duo set off to Hollywood to prevent the film from being shot. They want to travel by bus first and are amazed that you need a ticket for it - unlike what you are used to from school buses. Later they meet a hitchhiker who convinces them that it should be the custom to orally satisfy the driver as a thank you for taking them along. One of the boys applies this knowledge when they are taken away by a nun. They are thrown out of the car immediately.

On their way they join the supposed animal protection association CLIT, consisting of Sissy, Missy, Chrissy and Justice. The man in the team is thrown out of the car by Jay. The two heroes are used by CLIT to serve as scapegoats for a robbery. During this time, the women steal diamonds, Jay and Silent Bob steal a monkey from a laboratory with which they travel on.

Despite the ruse, Jay and Justice develop a love affair, and despite the persecution by Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly and the police, the team makes their way to Hollywood . There she informs Ben Affleck about the conditions in the film industry. Jay and Silent Bob let themselves be persuaded to accept money and not do anything about the film. Instead, they use the money to buy a lot of plane tickets and travel to the people who have been insulted on the Internet to beat them up.



"[...] A pubescent farewell party full of tasteless jokes, scantily clad girls, drugs, pop culture references and absurd guest appearances from old companions and youth idols."

- Jörg Böckem : The mirror

“Like ping-pong balls, the ideas jump back and forth between the different levels of fiction and reality and lose energy with every impact: It's rarely really original and funny, the plot can shake off its indolence about as badly as the two heroes Jay and Bob. The jokes stay at American Pie zoten level and the blockbuster movie quotes and swipes at the Miramax studio are always a bit too obvious to be really enjoyable. "

- Anke Sterneborg : Süddeutsche Zeitung

“The comedic road movie offers more or less funny situations as well as numerous guest appearances by US stars, which are intended to underline the filmmaker's status. Less anarchistic than its predecessor, the film is just a copy of earlier attempts to paint the picture of a generation that refuses to accept commerce. "


After the film opened in theaters on August 24, 2001, it has grossed over $ 33 million worldwide on a production budget of $ 22 million. In Germany, the film opened in cinemas on April 18, 2002 and has been available on VHS and DVD since September 19, 2002 .

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