Clerks II

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German title Clerks 2 - The hangers
Original title Clerks II
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Kevin Smith
script Kevin Smith
production Scott Mosier , Kevin Smith , Harvey Weinstein
music James L. Venable
camera David Klein
cut Kevin Smith

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Clerks II is an American comedy film of Kevin Smith from the year 2006 . It is a sequel to the comedy Clerks from 1994.


The salesman Dante Hicks and his friend Randal from the video rental company next door have spent the 13 years since the events of the last film in the "Quick Stop" philosophizing about life, death, sex and Star Wars . But one morning, somewhere in a suburb of New Jersey, when Dante is pulling up the iron shutters of the convenience shop as usual, the shop is on fire, and although the fire brigade is quickly on site, they can no longer help the "quick stop" and the video store to do.

Despite the loss of livelihoods for both men, they quickly find new employment in the “Mooby's” fast food restaurant, where the slogan “I'm Eating It” is advertised. Even the drug dealers Jay and Silent Bob , who used to stand in front of the “Quick Stop”, have moved too and are now standing in front of the graffiti saying “Eat Pussy”, which Randal wrote on the wall.

Meanwhile, Dante plans to move to Florida with his fiancée Emma and work as a manager in a car wash owned by Emma's father. However, on his last day at Mooby's, he is confronted with all sorts of things that he likes about New Jersey. His love for his boss Becky, who later reveals to him that she is pregnant with him, becomes clear to him. Dante can't choose between the women because Emma is his "golden lot" to get out of New Jersey and Becky is pregnant and he loves her too. Meanwhile, Randal organizes a farewell party for Dante. On the internet he soon found the offer of "Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud", a sodomite sex show between a donkey and a man (Randal thought that Kinky Kelly was a woman).

Jay, Silent Bob, Dante Hicks and Randal Graves are arrested after Dante mistakenly reports a fire in the restaurant to the police. In the cell, Dante and Randal argue about Dante's departure from New Jersey. As a result of this dispute, both decide to borrow $ 50,000 from Jay and Silent Bob (on condition that they are allowed to stay in front of the "Quick Stop" for life and to be allowed to deal) and to reopen the "Quick Stop".

They renovate the "Quick Stop" and hire Elias, their colleague from "Mooby's".


Mark Bell wrote on that the film deals with life and the wasted after the age of thirty. The director and screenwriter Kevin Smith achieved the "perfect" balance between humor and heart.

James Berardinelli on ReelViews thought the film was amusing, but it did not reach the level of its predecessor. He praised Rosario Dawson's game.

Volker Marquardt wrote in TV digital in July 2007 that the film was sometimes too gossip, but the actors were in top form and the gags would come every minute. It is a successful pop culture comedy about friends, films and true love.

The lexicon of international films found that “the constellation of the first part had only been varied insignificantly”. Since the characters lacked any development, the re-encounter with them was disappointing, "especially since one misses the humor and inventiveness of the original".


Kevin Smith won the Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Award in 2006 .


The filming took place from October 10, 2005 to November 18, 2005 in California and New Jersey . The production of the film cost about five million US dollars (the comedy Clerks - The shop keeper was for 27,575 US dollars produced).

The comedy premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 26, 2006. The film opened in US cinemas on July 21, 2006 and grossed around 24.1 million US dollars by September 24, 2006. The film opened in Germany on July 12, 2007.

The “Mooby's” restaurant was built in a former Burger King branch. It wasn't in New Jersey, but in Buena Park , near Los Angeles. It was demolished in 2006.

In one scene, Jay dances to the song Goodbye Horse by Q Lazzarus , which is a reference to the similar scene with a dancing serial killer in the film The Silence of the Lambs .

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