Chasing Amy

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German title Chasing Amy
Original title Chasing Amy
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1997
length 111 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Kevin Smith
script Kevin Smith
production Scott Mosier
John Pierson
Kevin Smith
music David Pirner
Joey Lauren Adams
Brynn Arens
Petra Haden
camera David Klein
cut Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith

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Chasing Amy is an American tragic comedy from 1997 directed by Kevin Smith . The film is the third in a series of New Jersey films .


The comic book artist Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards announced the joint comic series Bluntman and Chronic out. At a comic convention , Holden meets the comic artist Alyssa and falls in love with her a short time later. Convinced that she likes him too, he is shocked to discover that Alyssa is a lesbian. Nevertheless, he wants to build a friendship with her. Banky realizes that Holden is still in love and sees their work and friendship together at risk. When Holden also realizes that he is in love and sees their hopelessness, he reveals to Alyssa that he can no longer bear this friendship and actually feels more for her. She then gives in to her feelings for Holden and the two become a couple.

However, when Holden is confronted with Alyssa's sexually adventurous past, he does not feel equal to her and the relationship heads for a conflict between Holden, Alyssa and Banky, which Alyssa now distrusts because of the sudden change in her sexual orientation. In order to solve this conflict and to be able to stay friends with both, Holden suggests a three-way between the three. In doing so, he hopes to feel on an equal footing with Alyssa, who has had similar experiences in the past, and to give Banky the chance to express his affection for Holden sexually, although there is also a woman among them. In addition, Alyssa and Banky would understand each other better and become friends. Alyssa rejects this proposal because she has already passed this stage in life and does not want to take part in this experiment. The relationship then breaks up.

A year later, Holden and Alyssa meet again at a comic book convention and you can see that they still have feelings for each other. Holden shows Alyssa a comic book that he has drawn in the meantime and in which he has processed his memories of their relationship.


“A typical slacker film with long takes and exuberant dialogues, in which it is about God and the world, but above all about sexual fantasies. The radicalism and honesty of the dialogues and discussions are shocking and fascinating and demand a certain amount of serenity from the audience. "



The film was set to music at Hermes Synchron . Andreas Pollak wrote the dialogue book and directed the dialogue.

role actor Voice actor
Holden McNeil Ben Affleck Nicolas Boell
Banky Edwards Jason Lee Roman Kretschmer
Alyssa Jones Joey Lauren Adams Dorette Hugo
Collector Scott Mosier Matthias Klages
Hooper X Dwight Ewell Charles Rettinghaus
Jim Hicks Brian O'Halloran
Shawn Oran Matt Damon Albert Obitz
Jay Jason Mewes Simon hunter
Silent Bob Kevin Smith Johannes Berenz
fan Ethan Suplee Gerald Schaale


  • Chasing Amy is the third film in a series of New Jersey films about the heroes Jay and Silent Bob , written by director Kevin Smith, who also embodies the character Silent Bob .
  • The comic scene as the background for the film is related to the comic series belonging to the film series. The individual comics link the films from Clerks to Dogma and later appeared under the title Chasing Dogma .
  • Holden and Banky are characters from J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye .
  • There were two real couples in front of the camera for this film: Kevin Smith and Joey Lauren Adams, as well as Jason and Carmen Lee, who plays Kim, Alyssa's lover. Smith got the idea for the script during his life with Adams.
  • The credits read: "Jay and Silent Bob will return in Dogma (we promise)".
  • Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are the only films in Smith's series of New Jersey films in which the character Silent Bob gives a lengthy monologue.

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