Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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German title Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
Original title Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2019
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Kevin Smith
script Kevin Smith
production Liz Destro ,
Jordan Monsanto
music James L. Venable
camera Yaron Levy
cut Kevin Smith

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a 2019 American comedy film and is the eighth part of the New Jersey films . The film premiered on October 15th and 17th. The script was by Kevin Smith , who also directed, edited the film and starred alongside Jason Mewes . There are also cameo appearances by Jason Lee , Shannon Elizabeth , Rosario Dawson and Ben Affleck .


Jay and Silent Bob get by in the small town of Leonardo, New Jersey, by growing marijuana in a former video store under the guise of a restaurant called Cock Smoker , leading to a house search by a SWAT team. The two protagonists are brought to justice and assigned a public defender. The defense attorney convinced the judge that the drug business was a pop-up shop that was solely used to promote a film. Jay and Silent Bob are acquitted but immediately brought back to court. This time, her former public defender represents the other side of Saban Films . This company wants to market the so-called Bluntman and Chronic comics in the form of a film and takes the position that the two accused have given up their naming rights and the two drug dealers are therefore no longer allowed to call themselves Jay and Silent Bob .

Angry, the two now visit Brodie Bruce in his comic bookstore. He tells them that the film that has lost their names and that Kevin Smith is directing is almost finished and only one action scene is missing, which is currently being shot at Chronic- Con in Hollywood . Jay and Silent Bob had only three days to prevent the film from being completed and to regain their names.

Unfortunately, they have to find out that they are on the no fly list . They steal a businessman's credit card and book an Uber trip to California .

Arriving in Chicago , Jay offers the driver a joint , which is promptly arrested while the two main characters enter Mooby's restaurant , where Jay discovers his ex-girlfriend Justice as the weather presenter on TV. They quickly find out where Justice lives and pay her a visit. Justice faints when she sees the two of them. Jay and Silent Bob are then knocked down and captured by a girl wearing a goalie mask . When they wake up in Justice's living room, the ex explains that Jay broke her heart because he never visited her in prison. She would have married in the meantime and had his daughter Millennium Faulken called Milly . Jay is strongly advised never to reveal his identity to Milly before the said daughter, who is the masked girl, is introduced to the two of them. Milly introduces them to her best friend Soapy , who is mute and only communicates using sign language .

Justice goes on vacation with her wife Reggie, while Jay and Silent Bob are forced by Jay's daughter to take them to Hollywood. Milly puts the two on drugs and after they wake up from their dreams, they find themselves on a highway in New Orleans , where they meet two friends of Milly - Jihad and Shan Yu - who also want to visit the Chronic-Con , da Shan Yu is a big fan of this event and would like to attend it before going back to China. They then steal the van of a pedophile that Milly met in a chat room and drive on to California.

In front of another Mooby’s , Jay and Silent Bob lose sight of their companions and the van. Instead, they meet the driver from their first trip, who complains that the two of them ruined his life. Jay and Bob steal his car and go looking for the girls. You can find the van in an area where the Ku Klux Klan is holding a rally. The cult members have kidnapped the girls and plan to kill them. Bob steals a clan robe and poses as a dignitary to distract those present while Jay frees the girls. The escape succeeds and you reach the convention.

The five part ways because Jay and Bob want to stop the filming. The two sneak in behind the back of a security guard, but are then constantly followed by him. They go into hiding and run into Holden McNeil, who is filming a podcast with Alyssa Jones who wants to turn Holden's Chasing Amy comic into a Netflix series. Holden reports that he had a platonic relationship with Alyssa for years but still donated sperm for her and her wife so they could have a child. The result, Amy, is introduced and Holden tells that this fatherhood has given his life a new meaning, whereupon Jay abandons his plans to prevent the film from taking care of his daughter.

McNeil gives Jay and Bob VIP badges for them and the girls with which they can attend a lecture by Kevin Smith. Smith leaves the stage and Milly, seeing that the director bears a great resemblance to Bob, knocks him down and gives Bob Smith's clothes. Bob enters the stage but his disguise as Smith is seen through by Shan Yu and she knocks him down. The real Kevin Smith re-enters the scene and Bob is thrown out of the hall. Shan Yu also drops her mask and reveals herself as a Russian spy sent out to destroy American pop culture. Jay insults Shan Yu. She pulls a pistol and threatens him, whereupon he confesses to Milly in the face of death that he is her father. In the meantime, Bob wakes up and steals one of the movie's props, the Iron Bob battle suit. Equipped in this way, he instigates an uprising in the audience and Shan Yu and her henchmen are disarmed.

Back home before her beloved Quick Stop , Jay tells his daughter about his adventures together with Silent Bob and how he met her mother. The shopkeeper Dante Hicks complains that the lock is stuck again. At the end of the credits, Jay tells Milly that he and Bob have been blocking the lock with chewing gum for 25 years.


The dubbing of the film was done by the CSC-Studio in Hamburg . The dialogue book wrote Manuel Karakas and dialogue director led Robert Kotulla .

role actor German speaker
Jay Jason Mewes Simon hunter
Silent Bob / Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Tobias Master
Millennium "Milly" Faulken Harley Quinn Smith Leonie Landa
Jihad Aparna Brielle Damineh Hojat
Justice Faulken Shannon Elizabeth Sonja Spuhl
Dante Hicks / Grant Hicks / Brian O'Halloran Brian O'Halloran Olaf Reichmann
Alyssa Jones Joey Lauren Adams Anja Topf
Public defender Justin Long Robert Kotulla
Accuser Frankie Shaw Nicole Hannak
Judge Craig Robinson Jan-David Rönfeldt
Brodie Bruce Jason Lee Markus Pfeiffer
Businessman Ralph Garman Michael Iwannek
Security guard Diedrich Bader Oliver Horns
Holden McNeil Ben Affleck Peter Flechtner
Matt Damon Matt Damon Christian Stark
Employee at Mooby's Kate Micucci Franciska Friede
Miss McKenzie Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Antje Thiele
Reboot Bluntman Val Kilmer Torsten Sense
Jason Biggs Jason Biggs Kim Hasper
James Van Der Beek James Van Der Beek Johannes Semm
Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth Tommy Morgenstern
Stan Lee Stan Lee Thomas Kästner
Melissa Benoist Melissa Benoist Merete Brettschneider
Reggie Faulken Rosario Dawson Claudia Gáldy
Alfred Tommy Chong Douglas Welbat
Bailiff Joe Manganiello Tobias Kluckert


On the Rotten Tomatoes website , the movie has an approval rating of 66%, based on 38 reviews, with a weighted average of 6.39 / 10. The website's critical consensus is, "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot focused on a bug , tries to ridicule the same audience nostalgia that he takes down - and pulls it off enough times to please believers. " On Metacritic , the film has a weighted average score of 46 out of 100 based on 7 reviewers, indicating "mixed or average ratings".

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