Archdiocese of Nyeri

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Archdiocese of Nyeri
Basic data
Country Kenya
Diocesan bishop Anthony Muheria
Emeritus diocesan bishop Peter J. Cairo
founding 1905
surface 8,450 km²
Parishes 43 ( 12/31/2013 / AP2014 )
Residents 211,000 (December 31, 2013 / AP2014 )
Catholics 106,000 (December 31, 2013 / AP2014 )
proportion of 50.2%
Diocesan priest 114 ( 12/31/2013 / AP2014 )
Religious priest 9 (December 31, 2013 / AP2014 )
Catholics per priest 862
Friars 28 (December 31, 2013 / AP2014 )
Religious sisters 155 ( 12/31/2013 / AP2014 )
rite Roman rite
Liturgical language Swahili
cathedral Our Lady of Consolata Cathedral
Suffragan dioceses Diocese of Embu
Diocese of Maralal
Diocese of Marsabit
Diocese of Meru
Diocese of Muranga
Diocese of Nyahururu
Our Lady of Consolata Cathedral in Nyeri

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri ( lat. : Archidioecesis Nyeriensis ) is in Kenya situated Roman Catholic Archdiocese based in Nyeri .


The Archdiocese of Nyeri was established on September 14, 1905 by Pope Pius X as a mission sui juris Kenya from cession of territory by the Apostolic Vicariate of North Zanzibar . On July 12, 1909, the Mission sui juris Kenya was raised by Pius X. with the Apostolic Constitution Supremi Apostolatus to the Apostolic Vicariate . The Apostolic Vicariate of Kenya gave up on March 10, 1926 parts of its territory to establish the Apostolic Prefecture of Meru . On March 10, 1926, the Apostolic Vicariate of Kenya was renamed the Apostolic Vicariate Nyeri .

The Apostolic Vicariate Nyeri was on March 25, 1953 by Pope Pius XII. with the Apostolic Constitution Quemadmodum ad Nos raised to the diocese and subordinated to the Archdiocese of Nairobi as a suffragan . On November 25, 1964, the Diocese of Nyeri gave up parts of its territory to establish the Diocese of Marsabit . Another assignment of territory took place on March 17, 1983 to establish the diocese of Muranga .

On May 21, 1990, the Diocese of Nyeri was raised to an archbishopric in Keniana by Pope John Paul II with the Apostolic Constitution Cum . The Archdiocese of Nyeri gave on December 5, 2002 parts of its territory to establish the Diocese of Nyahururu .


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