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As a fabless ( Engl. Fabricationless "fabriklos", "no production") to companies but especially designated no manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturers that do not have their own production facilities are equipped and foundries (contract manufacturers) such as GlobalFoundries , Samsung Semiconductor , UMC or TSMC depend.

This business model, which was developed by Gordon Campbell , the founder of Chips & Technologies , and Bernie Vonderschmitt , a co-founder of Xilinx , has the advantage that a company does not have to manufacture the chips and develop the necessary processes itself but can concentrate solely on developing the circuits . Fabless companies are particularly widespread at a time when it costs billions of euros to set up a semiconductor factory . The most important fabless companies belong to the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), which emerged from the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA). The GSA no longer only includes fabless companies , but companies from all areas of the semiconductor industry up to pure contract manufacturers.

Some integrated device manufacturers , i.e. semiconductor manufacturers with their own production , later outsourced them .

Well-known fabless companies of the present and the past: