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Feistritz are the following geographical objects:


Parish parts:


  • Municipality of Feistritz , 1850 to 1865 name of the later municipality of Pulst (now part of the municipality of Liebenfels) in Carinthia
  • Ilirska Bistrica , town in southwestern Slovenia (formerly Illyrisch Feistritz )
  • Slovenska Bistrica , municipality in Lower Styria, Slovenia (formerly Windisch Feistritz )
  • Bistrica ob Dravi , part of the municipality of Ruše , Lower Styria, Slovenia (formerly Feistritz near Marburg an der Drau )
  • Bohinjska Bistrica , part of the municipality of Bohinj, Upper Carniola, Slovenia (formerly Wochein-Feistritz )


Waters (partly also Feistritzbach ):

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