Francis V (Modena)

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Franz V, portrait by Luigi Manzini
Franz V of Modena, lithograph by Carl Goebel
Franz V and his wife Adelgunde Auguste of Bavaria

Franz V. Ferdinand Geminian (born June 1, 1819 in Modena ; † November 20, 1875 in Vienna ) was Archduke of Austria from the Austria-Este line and from January 21, 1846 to June 11, 1859 the last ruling Duke of Modena and Reggio as well as Duke of Massa and Prince of Carrara .


He was the son of Franz IV from the Austria-Este branch of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen . His paternal great-grandparents were Emperor Franz I and Empress Maria Theresia . He was raised by Jesuits and became Duke of Modena after his father's death in 1846. From the inheritance of Duchess Marie Luise of Parma , who died in 1847 , he was able to assign the Duchy of Guastalla to his domain.

Franz V he led the government in the absolutist spirit of his father and based himself on the dynastic connection with Austria ; In 1847 he also had Austrian troops deployed to Modena. Nevertheless, he was expelled by the revolution in the spring of 1848 and went to Austria , from where he returned to his capital after the defeat of the Piedmontese on August 10, 1848. Initially appearing milder, he soon returned to absolutism, especially after an assassination attempt on him.

As an ally of Austria, he had to leave his country again after the Battle of Magenta in May 1859 and withdrew with his troops to Mantua . Although the re-establishment of the duke was set in the preliminary peace of Villafranca and the peace of Zurich , Modena was at the decided request of the population and with the approval of Napoleon III. incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont . Since then, Franz lived alternately in Vienna and on his estates in Bohemia . Since March 30, 1842 he was married to Princess Adelgunde Auguste of Bavaria , daughter of King Ludwig I of Bavaria . The only daughter Anna Beatrice Theresia Maria died in 1849 as a child.

Franz V died on November 20, 1875 in Vienna and was buried in the Capuchin Crypt. He bequeathed his fortune to Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the condition that the name Este be continued.

Franz V was a descendant of the Stuarts . He was therefore regarded by the Jacobites as the holder of the British throne after the death of his mother Maria Beatrix of Savoy and referred to by them as Francis I, King of England, Scotland, Ireland and France. However, he never publicly claimed this title. His position as heir to the House of Stuart passed to his niece Marie Therese von Österreich-Este .


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