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Since 1966 a separate mascot has been designed for each men's soccer World Cup ; In 2011 there was a mascot for the first time at a women's World Cup .

List of World Cup mascots

competition country Surname description image
1966 England Willie A lion with the Union Jack on its chest. The designer was the children's book author Reg Hoye . Bill Titcombe created a comic about the character. Lonnie Donegan sang the mascot song . link
1970 Mexico Juanito A boy wearing the national shirt of Mexico and a sombrero . link
1974 Germany Tip and tap Two boys who wear Germany's national jersey. They go back to the well-known selection process for children before a soccer game, whereby one foot is placed on the other. Whoever touches the opponent's foot may be the first to choose the team members. This procedure is known as tip-tap or tip-top , depending on the region. After Willie, the second mascot that brought the hosts luck and the world title. One bears the word WM , the other 74 on the jersey. link
1978 Argentina Gauchito A boy wearing the national shirt of Argentina . link
1982 Spain Naranjito An orange that wears the national jersey of Spain . link
1986 Mexico Pique A green jalapeno - Chili , of the national team of Mexico, a mustache wearing a sombrero and. link
1990 Italy Ciao A stylized graphic in the shape of a footballer in the national colors of Italy . The first mascot that was designed entirely on the computer. link
1994 United States Striker A dog in the US national jersey . link
1998 France Footix A rooster that, together with the ball that it is holding, represents the French national colors . link
2002 Japan and South Korea The Spheriks (Ato, Kaz and Nik) Three computer-animated characters : Ato ( coach , yellow), Kaz (soccer player, purple) and Nik (soccer player, blue). link
2006 Germany Goleo VI and pill A stuffed lion in a soccer jersey and a talking soccer ball. link
2010 South Africa Zakumi A leopard with a soccer jersey and pants. link
2011 Germany Karla Kick A cat with a jersey in the colors of the German women's national team . link
2014 Brazil Fuleco An armadillo with yellow fur and blue armor ( national colors of Brazil ). link
2015 Canada Shuéme A female snowy owl wearing a jersey in the colors of the Canadian women's national soccer team . link
2018 Russia Zabivaka A wolf dressed in the national colors of Russia with ski goggles. link
2019 France Ettie A domestic chicken , daughter of Footix, the mascot of the 1998 World Cup . The name is derived from the French étoile (German star ). link

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