Fork bites

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As Gabelbissen various cold dishes are called. In Germany it is usually understood as an anchose : bite- sized pieces of pickled herring fillets, prepared according to an original Swedish recipe. In Austria it is aspic with a simple filling, comparable to a beef chops .

Swedish fork bites (anchose)

To prepare be matjes , watered salt or herbs herring skinned, filleted, boned, cut into finger-wide strips and for one day in a cold marinade from depending on the recipe vinegar , sugar , onions and spices such as juniper , pepper , allspice and laurel inserted, was previously boiled. They are served without the marinade, for example with sour cream , chopped dill , pickles and bread . Since 1928 Swedish Gabelbissen in Germany as canned canned manufactured.

Viennese or Austrian fork bites (aspic)

Austrian fork bite (commodity) with carrot, cucumber and egg

For the preparation, slices of sausage or hard-boiled eggs , pieces of roast , poultry , herring fillet , canned tuna or precooked vegetable cubes , often supplemented with mayonnaise and decorated with slices of carrots and pickles , in portion forms with a jelly made from broth , gelatin , a little vinegar and salt and pepper poured over and chilled thoroughly until the jelly has solidified. They are served with rolls , bread or boiled potatoes , fried potatoes and the like. served. In Austria the name is derived from the fork breakfast , which mostly consists of spicy dishes that are eaten with a fork. Wiener Gabelbissen are also available as commercial goods.

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