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A gardening tool is a tool that is used when working in gardens and parks . The devices can be divided into devices for tillage , for sowing and planting, for mowing the lawn or meadow, for cutting, for breaking fruit or for watering and spraying. Here again a distinction must be made between devices with and without a motor . When it comes to garden tools with motorization, one speaks of garden technology .

Garden tools around 1680

Types of garden tool

The basic equipment includes commonly spade , shovel , digging fork , hoe , (of subjects) rake , wheelbarrow , garden shears , watering can and small tools such as trowel or dibble . Three- pronged cultivators , sow-teeth or three- prongs are also often used to loosen the soil . Traditionally, the usually wooden handle and the actual tool are firmly connected to each other in garden tools. Various manufacturers now also offer devices with an interchangeable handle in which the device can be exchanged using a plug-in connection and thus only one handle is required. The advantages are lower space requirements and better clarity in storage. The disadvantage, however, is that the devices and handles from different manufacturers are usually not compatible and must be re-plugged every time when changing from one device to the other.

Depending on requirements, ie type of garden be further lawn mower and grass shears , garden broom , pruning shears (also: lopper), pruning saw , ax and conductor and for the irrigation hose , sprinkler and coating aids and support pegs and binding material is needed.

If there are cut hedges or boxwood, hedge trimmers are necessary; Special rose scissors make sense for roses . A garden stick (folding knife) is practical, for. B. for lifting the bark when grafting and cutting cuttings . A garden composting device (composter) can facilitate the composting of garden and kitchen waste into valuable (humus) soil.

Frequently used additional garden machines are scarifiers for removing moss and grass mulch from the lawn and choppers (also: shredders) for shredding woody garden waste for easier composting or for use as mulch material , occasionally also leaf vacuums and water jet high-pressure cleaners .

Lawn aerators are spiked rollers (for aerating ) to aerate the lawn and lawn brushes are rarely used. Likewise, lawn edger, weed cutter, weed cutter and fruit picker.

There are matching tall and narrow cabinets, similar to a closed shelf, for storing garden tools; You can also use bars on which the devices can be simply hung. Good accommodation, not leaving them standing in the rain and taking care of the devices can significantly increase their lifespan. Since many garden tools are made of rusting steel, they should be cleaned after use and oiled to prevent rust before long periods of non-use.


In order to prevent accidents, it may be appropriate to use protective equipment such as work gloves , cut protection trousers , work shoes or the like with various garden tools .


The history of garden tools is documented in folklore museums, among other places. There are also special interest groups such as the British Old Lawnmower Club .

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