Gauliga Generalgouvernement 1943/44

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The Gauliga Generalgouvernement 1943/44 was the third and last season of the Gauliga Generalgouvernement of the professional football office . Again, first in the four districts of Krakow , Radom , Warsaw and Lublin of the General Government, district masters were determined, who then played the Gaume Championship in the knockout system . In the end, the LSV Boelcke Krakow prevailed and was thus for the first time Gaumeister of the Generalgouvernement. This qualified the Krakow for the German soccer championship 1943/44 , in which they were eliminated in the first round after a 1: 4 home defeat against VfB Königsberg .

This was the last season of the Gauliga Generalgouvernement. It is not known whether the 1944/45 season began. With the advance of the Red Army and the liberation of the General Government, the German sports clubs were also dissolved.

District Master

The results and table statuses in the individual districts are not known.

District District Master
Krakow LSV Mölders Krakow
Lublin LSV Lublin
Radome DTSG Czestochowa
Warsaw Rembertow Warsaw

Gaume Championship


The results from the semi-finals are currently not available.

LSV Mölders Krakow
(Winner District Krakow)
N / A Rembertow Warsaw
(Winner District Warsaw)
DTSG Czestochowa
(Winner Radom District)
N / A LSV Lublin
(Winner District Lublin)

Final of the Gaume Championship

LSV Mölders Krakow 8: 1 DTSG Czestochowa