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Gertrud Wysse Hägg , married Wysse Feininger (born May 8, 1912 in Stockholm , † March 3, 2006 in New York City ) was a Swedish student at the Bauhaus , a graphic artist , porcelain painter and illustrator . Wysse Feininger was the wife of the American photographer Andreas Feininger . In 1939 , Wysse Feininger emigrated with her family to the United States and lived and worked here until her death.

life and work

After graduating from the French School in Stockholm, she began her artistic training at the School of Applied Arts in Stockholm. Since 1931 she studied graphic design at the Bauhaus in Dessau . In Dessau she worked in the printing workshop . Here she met Andreas Feininger, the eldest son of the painter Lyonel Feininger and his wife Julia .

Wysse Hägg and Andreas Feininger (1933)
Theodore Lux Feininger
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Portrait of Wysse Feininger (1946)
Theodore Lux Feininger
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After the Bauhaus in Dessau had closed, she returned to Sweden in 1933 and designed various porcelain decorations for the Swedish porcelain manufacturer Gustavsberg , where her uncle Wilhelm Kåge was the artistic director . The best-known decors she designed include Tomtenisse , Gullebarn and Ballon , which are now on display in the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

In July 1933, Andreas Feininger followed her to Sweden after he had failed to get a work permit in Paris . Wysse Hägg married Andreas Feininger on August 30, 1933, their son Tomas was born on September 21, 1935.

After her husband could not find a job as a foreign architect in Sweden either, he turned to architectural photography and published his first photo book People in Front of the Camera in 1934 . After the outbreak of the Second World War , Feininger lost his work permit as a foreigner in Sweden. At the end of 1939 the family decided to emigrate . They left Europe on December 6, 1939 with the passenger ship Oslofjord via Bergen and first settled in New York, where Lyonel and Julia Feininger had fled in 1937.

In the United States, Wysse Feiniger worked mainly as an advertising artist and illustrator for children's books, and less often as a designer of clothing. Mainly, however, she has assisted her husband since 1943 with his several hundred photo reports , mainly for Life magazine . After the death of Andreas Feininger , she curated exhibitions and administered his estate .

She lived and worked in New York until her death. Wysse Feininger died on May 3, 2006 in her Manhattan apartment .


The porcelain designs for the Gustavsberg manufactory by Wysse Feininger are shown in various permanent exhibitions in arts and crafts museums. a. in the Swedish National Museum and in special shows, such as 2015 in the Leipzig Grassi Museum in the exhibition Table Culture in the Morning or 2019 in the Rian Design Museum in Falkenberg Att forma det moderna - Bauhaus 100 år .

In 2019 the Lyonel Feininger Gallery in Quedlinburg dedicated the special exhibition The Feiningers. A family picture at the Bauhaus of the artistic development of the Feininger family. The artistic career of Gertrud Wysse Hägg-Feininger also plays a part in the exhibition.

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