Godsmack (album)

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Studio album by Godsmack



Label (s) Republic Records

Genre (s)

Nu metal , heavy metal , post-grunge

Title (number)


running time

55 min 5 s

  • Guitar / vocals: Tony Rombola
  • Bass : Robbie Merrill


Sully Erna & Andrew Murdock

Studio (s)

New Alliance Studios, Boston

- Godsmack Awake

Godsmack is the debut album by the American rock band Godsmack . It was originally released in 1997 as an in-house production under the name All Wound Up . A year later, Republic Records released the album under its current name. Godsmack reached number 22 on the US album charts . The album was in the United States sold over four million copies, and quadruple platinum as well as in Canada with gold awarded. It is the band's best-selling album.


The album was recorded in 1997 within three days. Since the band did not have a permanent drummer at the time of recording , singer Sully Erna had to play the drums as well. The cost of the recordings amounted to 2,600 dollars . The band borrowed the money from a friend. Shortly after the release, the Boston radio station WAAF took the song Keep Away in the rotation. The later recorded song Whatever was also played regularly by WAAF. Both titles were also regularly requested by listeners. After All Wound Up sold a few hundred copies a week, sales rose to a thousand albums sold in a very short time.

The band was signed by the management company PGE, which is run by former Extreme drummer Paul Geary. Geary brokered a contract with Republic Records for the band, who, according to Sully Erna, were very pleased that the band achieved their success the old-fashioned way, i.e. through countless concerts. According to Erna, the Republic representatives “didn't want to tell the musicians what to do”. The band returned to the studio and had the album remixed and re-released with a new cover and the band name as the title. The album was Sully Erna and Andrew Murdoch produced . For the singles Whatever , Keep Away and Voodoo were music videos rotated.

The album All Wound Up contained the song Goin 'Down instead of the song Whatever . Goin 'Down was used on the band Awake's second studio album . The song Get Up, Get Out! was featured in the instrumental Someone in London and Get Up, Get Out! Cut. The hidden track on the album is called Witch Hunt . The Japanese version of the album also features the songs Goin 'Down at 12th, Bad Magik at 13th and Voodoo at 14th.


Track list
  1. Moon Baby - 4:23
  2. Whatever - 3:26
  3. Keep Away - 4:50
  4. Time Bomb - 3:59
  5. Bad Religion - 3:13
  6. Immune - 4:50
  7. Someone in London - 2:03
  8. Get Up, Get Out! - 3:29
  9. Now or Never - 5:06
  10. Stress - 5:03
  11. Situation - 5:47
  12. Voodoo - 4:38

The song Whatever came about after Sully Erna broke up with his old girlfriend. The song title was Erna's usual answer to his girlfriend as the band struggled to rehearse five nights a week, play concerts on the weekends, maintain a relationship, and work on the side. According to Tony Rombola, Sully Erna only had around ten minutes to spend with his girlfriend in a day. Erna wrote most of the lyrics after this relationship ended. According to Sully Erna, Keep Away would be a song about the hope that this slut finally part of his life. The song Voodoo was inspired by the movie The Serpent in the Rainbow . At the beginning of the song es Immune , samples from the movie Escape from Absolom were used.

About a year after Godsmack was released , Wal-Mart temporarily took the album off the shelves. A man from Cleveland had complained about the offensive lyrics to Wal-Mart, where his son had bought the album. After Republic Records put a Parental Advisory sticker on the album, Wal-Mart reopened the album.

“Our album was without the Parental Advisory sticker for over a year and that was the only complaint. […] Stickers and texts are inherently subjective. [...] You can't buy this kind of publicity. These stickers encourage the kids to buy the albums to see what we have to say. "

- Sully Erna

Immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 , the American media company Clear Channel Communications drew up a blacklist of 166 songs that, according to Clear Channel, should not be played by radio and television stations after the attacks. Godsmack are on that list with the song Bad Religion .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  US 22nd 05/29/1999 (92 weeks)

The album received average reviews from the trade press, with an upward trend. Carsten Klein from the German magazine Rock Hard criticized the fact that most of the songs fall back on similar song structures and that the album therefore "suffers from lack of imagination". Klein gave the album seven out of ten points. Benjamin Bunte from the online magazine Plattentests.de noticed a monotony that "quickly makes the album boring" and awarded six out of ten points.

Godsmack reached number 22 on the US album charts. The album could not reach any further chart placements. In the US, the album was certified quadruple platinum for over four million units sold. In Canada, the album received a gold record for 50,000 units sold. The single Voodoo went platinum in the United States.

The US online magazine Loudwire published a list of the ten best songs by Godsmack in April 2015. On this list, Whatever reached number two, Voodoo number five and Keep Away number seven.

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