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Halbendorf / mountains
Coordinates: 51 ° 5 ′ 53 ″  N , 14 ° 28 ′ 3 ″  E
Height : 249 m above sea level NN
Residents : 135  (2009)
Incorporation : 1st January 1973
Incorporated into: Crostau
Postal code : 02681
Area code : 035877
Half-timbered house on Bautzener Strasse
Half-timbered house on Bautzener Strasse

Halbendorf / Gebirge also Halbendorf im Gebirge , in Sorbian Wbohow (formerly Bochow ), is a place on the Horken (307 m) in Upper Lusatia , which belongs to the town of Schirgiswalde-Kirschau . It is located in the valley of the Cunewald water on the federal highway 96 , the Alte Kaiserstrasse and has 135 inhabitants.


Mentioned Halbindorff (named after the owner Hans de Halbindorff) for the first time in 1374 in Bautzen thing Buchenblatt 56a. In 1469 the place was mentioned again in a Bautzen court book. In it, a Hannuss Wustenugt from Halbindorff confessed that he had stolen two cows. The area has been settled for a long time. A stone ax from pre-Christian times and fragments of German and Slavic ceramics from the 13th century were found. The place was on an old trade route from Bautzen via Großpostwitz to Zittau . For a long time, Halbendorf was owned by the Bautzen Cathedral Foundation. Various nobles were enfeoffed with the place. From around 1600 to 1676 it belonged to those of Rechenberg. The area was called the "Rechenbergsche Land". In the following years the owners of the manor changed frequently.

For his statistics on the Sorbian population in Upper Lusatia, Arnošt Muka determined a population of 172 inhabitants in the 1880s; 127 of these were Germans (74%) and 45 Sorbs (26%). The place was then on the southern edge of the Sorbian-speaking area in Upper Lusatia.

On April 1, 1936, the place Suppo was incorporated into Halbendorf.

In 1944/45 units of the German Wehrmacht were quartered in the village. After the end of the war, the manor was looted by the Red Army . Halbendorf residents also took part in this looting. In the GDR , the estate was expropriated, and five new farms and allotments were created. The rest of the land was allocated to different farmers. On October 15, 1952, the first LPG Type I "Klement Gottwald" was founded. Five farms with a total of 14 members joined together, as the source of the book "How we started", Dietz Verlag Berlin 1985, shows. From this, on January 1, 1960, LPG Type III "Klement Gottwald" developed. At that time, there were two agricultural production communities in the village. The LPG “Klement Gottwald” merged with the LPG “Kirschau” in 1965. The members of the second LPG Type I, LPG "Am Horkenberg" founded in 1958 , joined LPG Type III "Kirschau" in 1967. The old mansion was demolished in 1978 due to the high repair costs.

1973 Halbendorf was incorporated into Crostau.


Path pillar

A path pillar that was mentioned shortly after 1800 is worth seeing . A citizen kept the head of the column, it was later restored true to the original. Due to the lack of a church of its own, the Protestant population of Halbendorf / Gebirge is divided into three adjacent parishes, which is something unusual for a village, because most of the villages are only in the area of ​​one parish.


The Halbendorf (Sachs) stop was on the Großpostwitz – Löbau railway line , which has since been closed . There is now a railway cycle path on the former route.

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