Hammersmith & City Line

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Hammersmith & City line flag box.svg
Line color: pink
Opening year: 1863
Line type: Underlay
Stations: 28
Length: 26.5 km
Depots: Hammersmith
Passengers: 111,136,000 (annually, together with Circle Line)

The Hammersmith & City line (short H & C ) is a metro -line of the London Underground . The line is 26.5 km long and has 28 stations (13 of which are underground). It is shown in pink on the route network map.

The H&C was a branch line of the Metropolitan Line until 1988 , even if it was recently operated more and more independently of it. The line was created to make the route network easier to understand from the passengers' point of view. The name of the line is derived from the Hammersmith and City Railway between Hammersmith and Westbourne Park , which was operated jointly by the Metropolitan Railway and the Great Western Railway from 1864 to 1868 .

The line begins in the west in Hammersmith and meets the main route of the Metropolitan Line at Baker Street . She follows it to Liverpool Street . It runs parallel to the District Line between Aldgate East and Barking .

The section between Paddington and Farringdon opened in 1863 and is the oldest tube still in service today.


C69 and C77 Stock vehicles were used on the Hammersmith & City Line until 2014 . S Stock vehicles have been used since then .


Geographically correct lines of the H&C


Since December 2012, 6 trains per hour have been operating on the Hammersmith & City Line. On the section served jointly with the Circle Line , there is an average of 5 minutes.


Hammersmith & City line flag box.svg
Route length: 25.5 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
BSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon uKBHFa.svg
Hammersmith Piccadilly roundel1.PNGDistrict roundel1.PNG
BSicon .svgBSicon uKDSTaq.svgBSicon uABZgr.svg
Hammersmith depot
BSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon uHST.svg
Goldhawk Road
BSicon .svgBSicon .svgBSicon ueHST.svg
Shepherd's Bush (H&C)
BSicon uKBHFxe.svgBSicon .svgBSicon uSTR.svg
Kensington Addison Rd (today: Kensington Olympia)District roundel1.PNG
BSicon uexSTR.svgBSicon .svgBSicon uHST.svg
Shepherd's Bush Market (until 2008: Shepherd's Bush)
BSicon uxKRZo.svgBSicon uSTR + r.svgBSicon ueHST.svg
Wood Lane Central LineCentral roundel1.PNG
BSicon uexHST.svgBSicon uSTRl.svgBSicon uKRZo.svg
Uxbridge Road Central Line
BSicon uexSTR.svgBSicon .svgBSicon uHST.svg
Wood Lane
BSicon uexSTRl.svgBSicon uexSTRq.svgBSicon ueABZg + r.svg
BSicon uSTR + l.svgBSicon uHSTq.svgBSicon uSTRr.svg
Latimer Road
BSicon uHST.svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svg
Ladbroke Grove
BSicon uHST.svgBSicon .svgBSicon .svg
Westbourne Park
BSicon uSTRl.svgBSicon uSTR + r.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon utSTR + r.svgBSicon uHST.svgBSicon .svg
Royal Oak Circle Line , District Line
BSicon utXBHF-L.svgBSicon uXBHF-R.svgBSicon .svg
Paddington Bakerloo roundel1.PNG
BSicon utSTR.svgBSicon uTUNNEL1.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon utXBHFea-L.svgBSicon uXBHF-R.svgBSicon .svg
Edgware Road Bakerloo roundel1.PNG
BSicon utSTR.svgBSicon utSTRa.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon utABZgl.svgBSicon utABZg + r.svgBSicon uSTR.svg
Metropolitan Line
BSicon utENDEe.svgBSicon utXBHF-L.svgBSicon uXBHF-R.svg
Baker Street end of District LineBakerloo roundel1.PNGJubilee roundel1.PNG
BSicon .svgBSicon utSTR.svgBSicon utSTRa.svg
BSicon .svgBSicon utABZg + l.svgBSicon utSTRr.svg
BSicon .svgBSicon utHST.svgBSicon .svg
Great Portland Road
BSicon .svgBSicon utHST.svgBSicon .svg
Euston Square ( Euston)Northern roundel1.PNGVictoria roundel1.PNG
BSicon .svgBSicon utBHF.svgBSicon .svg
King's Cross St Pancras Northern roundel1.PNGPiccadilly roundel1.PNG
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BSicon .svgBSicon utHST.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon .svgBSicon utBHF.svgBSicon .svg
Moor gate Northern roundel1.PNG
BSicon .svgBSicon utBHF.svgBSicon .svg
Liverpool Street Central roundel1.PNG
BSicon utBHFq.svgBSicon utABZgr.svgBSicon .svg
Aldgate Circle Line , Metropolitan Line
BSicon .svgBSicon uetHST.svgBSicon .svg
Aldgate East (old)
BSicon uetHSTq.svgBSicon utABZg + r.svgBSicon .svg
Aldgate East (old) District Line
BSicon .svgBSicon utBHF.svgBSicon .svg
Aldgate East
BSicon tSTR + r.svgBSicon uetHST.svgBSicon .svg
St. Mary's (Whitechapel Road) East London Line
BSicon tABZgl.svgBSicon utABZgr.svgBSicon .svg
St. Mary's Curve on the East London Line, which was formerly part of the LUL
BSicon tXBHF-L.svgBSicon utXBHFea-R.svgBSicon .svg
Whitechapel (only)London Overground logo.svg
BSicon tSTRr.svgBSicon utHST.svgBSicon .svg
Stepney Green
BSicon .svgBSicon utXBHF-L.svgBSicon utXBHF-R.svg
Mile end Central roundel1.PNG
BSicon .svgBSicon utHST.svgBSicon .svg
Bow Road ( DLR roundel.svgBow Church)
BSicon STR + r.svgBSicon utSTRe.svgBSicon .svg
LTS Line
BSicon STR.svgBSicon uHST.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon XBHF-L.svgBSicon uXBHF-R.svgBSicon .svg
West Ham Jubilee roundel1.PNG
BSicon STR.svgBSicon uBHF.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon STR.svgBSicon uHST.svgBSicon .svg
Upton Park GOBLIN
BSicon STR.svgBSicon uHST.svgBSicon STR + l.svg
East Ham
BSicon XBHF-L.svgBSicon uXBHF-M.svgBSicon KXBHFe-R.svg
Barking London Overground logo.svg
BSicon STR.svgBSicon uSTR.svgBSicon .svg
LTS Line, District Line
Barking station
Hammersmith Station (Hammersmith & City Line) in London, Spring 2013 (1)
  • Hammersmith - opened June 13, 1864, closed November 30, 1868 and reopened at the current location a day later
  • Goldhawk Road - opened April 1, 1914
  • Shepherd's Bush Market - opened June 13, 1864 as Shepherd's Bush ; closed on 31 March 1914 and reopened a day later at the current location, in 5 October 2008 Shepherd's Bush Market renamed
  • Wood Lane (old) - opened as Wood Lane (Exhibition) on May 1, 1908; closed October 31, 1914, reopened as Wood Lane (White City) on May 5, 1920; renamed White City on November 23, 1947, closed on October 24, 1959
  • Wood Lane (New) - Opened October 12, 2008
  • Latimer Road - opened December 16, 1868

From Latimer Road a route branched off to Kensington (Olympia) , where it had a connection to the District Line ; it was opened on July 1, 1864. On November 1, 1869, the Uxbridge Road intermediate station was opened . The branch line was closed on October 19, 1940.

  • Ladbroke Grove - opened as Notting Hill on June 13, 1864; renamed Notting Hill (Ladbroke Grove) in 1880, renamed Ladbroke Grove (North Kensington) in 1919, renamed Ladbroke Grove in 1938
  • Westbourne Park - opened February 1, 1866; closed on October 31, 1871 and reopened at the current location one day later
  • Royal Oak - opened October 30, 1871
  • Paddington - opened as Paddington (Bishop's Road) on January 10, 1863; renamed Paddington on September 10, 1933
  • Edgware Road
  • Baker Street - opened January 10, 1863
  • Great Portland Street - opened as Portland Road on January 10, 1863; renamed Great Portland Street on March 1, 1917
  • Euston Square - opened as Gower Street on January 10, 1863; renamed Euston Square on November 1, 1909
  • King's Cross St. Pancras - opened January 10, 1863 as King's Cross ; renamed King's Cross St. Pancras in 1933, closed on March 9, 1941, reopened at the current location on March 14, 1941
  • Farringdon - opened January 10, 1863 as Farringdon Street ; closed on December 22, 1865 and reopened a day later at the current location; renamed Farringdon & High Holborn on January 26, 1922; renamed Farringdon on April 21, 1936
  • Barbican - opened as Aldersgate Street on December 23, 1865; renamed Aldersgate on November 1, 1910; renamed Aldersgate & Barbican in 1923; Renamed Barbican on December 1, 1968
  • Moorgate - opened as Moorgate Street on December 23, 1865; renamed Moorgate on October 24, 1924
  • Liverpool Street - opened as Bishopsgate on February 1, 1875; renamed Liverpool Street on November 1, 1909
  • Aldgate East - opened October 6, 1884; closed on October 30, 1938 and reopened at the current location one day later
  • St Mary's (Whitechapel Road) - opened October 1, 1884; closed on April 30, 1938
  • Whitechapel - opened October 6, 1884; closed from February 1, 1902 to June 1, 1902
  • Stepney Green - opened June 23, 1902
  • Mile End - opened June 2, 1902
  • Bow Road - opened June 11, 1902
  • Bromley-by-Bow - first operated on June 2, 1902 as Bromley ; renamed Bromley-by-Bow on May 18, 1967
  • West Ham - first served on June 2, 1902
  • Plaistow - first served on June 2, 1902
  • Upton Park - first operated on June 2, 1902
  • East Ham - first served June 2, 1902
  • Barking - first served June 2, 1902; not served from September 30, 1905 to March 31, 1908

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