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Hans Andre (born January 21, 1902 in Innsbruck ; † May 15, 1991 in Innsbruck) was an Austrian sculptor and painter .


Tomb in the cemetery of the Wilten basilica

From 1918 to 1921 Hans Andre attended the trade school in Innsbruck with Ferdinand Stabinger and from 1924 to 1929 the applied arts school in Vienna with Eugen Steinhof . He worked for Clemens Holzmeister and was given a state studio in 1932. In 1935 he was appointed to the art advisory board of the City of Vienna, from 1936 he lived and worked mainly in Innsbruck.

After the Second World War he was involved in the restoration of damaged churches in Tyrol and created, among other things, baroque frescoes for the hospital church , the Servite church and the St. Jakob cathedral in Innsbruck. He did not accept the appointment to a professorship at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 1945. In 1953 he was given the professional title of professor , from 1954 to 1967 he taught as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna .

Hans Andre created sculptures, frescoes, oil paintings and designs for glass windows. Both his sculptures and his paintings show a baroque, traditional character.



Ceiling frescoes in the Innsbruck hospital church
Archduke Eugen Monument in Innsbruck (1957)


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