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Harpy (2015)
Harpy (2015)
General information
Genre (s) Folk rock , folk metal , medieval rock
founding 2011
Website www.harpyien.de
Founding members
Aello the gust of wind
Violin , singing
Mechthild "witch violin" Janda
Podargo the fast flyer
Gyronimus Basstard (until 2016)
Ocypus the Fast-Footed (until 2012)
Michael von Ullrichstein (until 2013)
Bagpipe, flute , guitar
Garik Sturmbringer (until 2016)
Current occupation
Aello the gust of wind
Violin, singing
Mechthild witch violin
Podargo the fast flyer
Jean (since 2016)
Kayran the Winged (since 2014)
former members
Kelaino the Dark (2012-2014)
Hurdy gurdy (live)
Io (2016)

Harpyie is a German folk rock band with metal influences from the East Westphalian town of Bad Oeynhausen . Founded in early 2011, this seven-member band is at home in the folk metal and medieval rock sectors .


Harpyie was founded in 2011 by former members of the band Comander Keen, among others. The band was named after the harpy , a mythical creature in Greek mythology . The first music video Blood Brothers was released in 2012 . The band then played at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen . On June 21, 2012, the debut album Blindflug about Trollzorn was released .

In 2013 a video for the song Sturmvögel appeared as an appetizer for the next album , which the band financed through crowdfunding via Startnext . The band also applied to perform at Wacken Open Air 2013 and was selected from 2,000 applicants to play there. The band waived their fee for this. The second album Willkommen im Licht , produced by Dennis Walkusch , was released on October 11, 2013 on the Metalville label . Hauptmann von Feuerschwanz and Albert Dandemann from Blackmore's Night participated as guest musicians on the album. In the same month Michael von Ullrichstein left the band.

On September 28, 2014, Kelaino the Dark left the band for personal reasons, and was succeeded by Kayran the Winged. Her third album, Freakshow, was released on September 18, 2015 and was crowdfunded under the working title The Scary Third Album . On April 28, 2017, the band released the album Anima . The band performed again in 2017 at the Wacken Open Air.

Music genre

Harpy at RPC 2015
Harpy at Wacken Open Air 2015
Io and Mechthild Janda at the Rockharz Open Air 2016

Harpyie moves between the styles of medieval rock and folk metal. Medieval instruments such as bagpipes and flutes as well as violins, guitars and drums are used. The texts are less based on the Middle Ages and much more on today's times. The band is compared with Saltatio Mortis , In Extremo and Subway to Sally . The band also draws influences from metalcore .


The band's first two albums were almost consistently panned by the professional metal webzines. Metal.de described the album Willkommen im Licht as "half baked" and "absolutely average with sawing guitars and a singer who still has a lot to learn". On Musikreviews.de Andreas Schulz came to the conclusion “The album title says it all, because flying blind is really just flying blind from a musical point of view. Here Trollzorn have signed a band that still has a lot to improve on their performance ”. With the successor, Schulz came to the conclusion: “ Welcome to the light shows HARPYIE improved in many, but not all areas. Fans of the band will speak naturally from a great album, viewed objectively it but still makes a lot of points that do not make really pleased. "The Sonic Seducer found, the album is by abrupt changes of mood somewhat confused and let miss a common thread, overall, however, it is a solid record.

The third album Freakshow received extremely positive reviews in the magazine Zillo Medieval . The reviewer Sascha Blach found that the band had a feeling for hit songs with high entertainment value. Blach feels the album is darker compared to its predecessors. Blach also praised the work of producer Simon Michael ( Subway to Sally ).


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 62 07/05/2019 (1 week)


  • 2012: Blindflug (CD; Trollzorn / SMP Records) Re-recording of the album 2018 released via Metalville.
  • 2013: Willkommen im Licht (CD; Metalville / rough trade)
  • 2015: Freakshow (CD; Metalville / rough trade)
  • 2017: Anima (CD; Metalville / rough trade)
  • 2019: Aurora (CD; Metalville / rough trade)


  • 2017: Vogelhochzeit with Krayenzeit ( 7 " ; Metalville / rough trade)

Contributions to music compilations

  • 2012: Mummenschanz Compilation Vol. 1 (song "Hundertdreyssig")
  • 2012: Zillo Medieval - Medieval And Music CD 6-12 (Song "Luna's Dream")
  • 2012: Trollzorn Label Compilation II (song "Hundertdreyssig")
  • 2012: Sonic Seducer Review of the Year DVD (Song "Blutsbrüder")
  • 2013: Mummenschanz Compilation Vol. 2 (Song "Blutsbrüder")
  • 2013: Allied Sampler Vol.2 (Song "Blindflug")
  • 2013: Middle Ages: Medieval Spirits 6 - Larp Edition (Song "Witch and Scoundrels")

Music videos

  • 2013: Blood Brothers (Direction / Production: Hristiana Raykova, Kay Büssing, Lars Reinert)
  • 2014: Sturmvögel (Director / Production: Lars Reinert)
  • 2015: The Two Face (Direction / Production: Andre Freitag)
  • 2015: Elisa (Director / Production: Moritz Brandes, Jan Merlin Friedrich)
  • 2016: Wilde Reise durch die Nacht (Direction / Production: Andre Freitag)
  • 2017: Berserker (Director / Production: Lars Reinert)
  • 2017: Schneeblind (Director / Production: Andre Freitag)
  • 2017: Bird Wedding with Krayenzeit (Director / Production: Andy Pilkington)
  • 2018: Blindflug (Director / Production: Patrick Winzler)
  • 2018: The Magnificent Seven (Director / Production: Andy Pilkington)
    with Feuerschwanz , Krayenzeit , Metusa, Nachtgeschrei , Tanzwut and Vogelfrey
  • 2019: Compass roses don't wilt (Direction / Production: Patrick Winzler, Carolin Rädle)
  • 2019: Nothing More (Direction / Production: Andre Freitag, Patrick Winzler)

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