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Hermann Arnold (born May 6, 1846 in Munich , † April 25, 1896 in Jena ) was a German painter .

Live and act

Hermann Arnold attended Latin and grammar school and from 1860 to 1862 a drawing and modeling school in Munich. In 1863 he went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and from 1866 studied together with Alois Gabl , Ludwig Glötzle and Max Fürst under Johann von Schraudolph . He painted portraits of Ludwig II and Princess Sophie, among others, and was also active as a poet and actor.

In 1870 he took part in the Franco-German War as a lieutenant in the Landwehr , was wounded in the battle of Beaugency by a shot in the right foot and made invalid . So he could devote himself to painting again and visited the studios of Arthur von Ramberg and Alexander von Wagner . From 1872 he created several genre pictures and character figures.

Hermann Arnold was secretary of the Munich artists' cooperative from 1881 to 1884 . For the organization of an exhibition of Spanish painting in 1883 he was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Isabelle. In 1885 he was appointed professor at the Grand Ducal Saxon Art School Weimar , where he was secretary from 1885 to 1889.

His leg had to be amputated because his gunshot wound to his foot changed the blood vessels . The operation took place in Jena University Hospital , and he died of the consequences on April 25, 1896.

Hermann Arnold was married to Wilhelmine Freie von Schönhueb and had six children.



  • 1872: Mother's prayer
  • 1872: Flooding on the Baltic Sea
  • 1872: King of the marksmen
  • 1873: neighborhood children
  • 1878: love letter
  • 1880: the curious
  • 1882: Hard Choice or A Rural Paris
  • 1883: The village schoolmaster
  • 1883: Tryst at the garden wall or the neighborhood children
  • 1883: roses in a dream
  • 1883: The moment before the purchase was made
  • 1884: Village gallery


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