Hostel 2

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German title Hostel 2
Original title Hostel: Part II
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2007
length 91:01 minutes
Age rating FSK 18 (cut version / theatrical version), SPIO / JK checked: no criminal liability (slightly shortened); indexed and confiscated in accordance with Section 131 of the Criminal Code
Director Eli Roth
script Eli Roth
production Chris Briggs
Mike Fleiss
Eli Roth
music Nathan Barr
camera Milan Chadima
cut George Folsey Jr.
Brad E. Wilhite

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Hostel 3

Hostel 2 is an American splatter film of director Eli Roth from the year 2007 . It is the sequel to the film Hostel from 2005 .


Paxton, the survivor of the first part, wakes up in a hospital room in Italy and is questioned by a police officer. Suddenly the policeman slashes his stomach with a knife. Paxton wakes up next to his girlfriend, it was just a nightmare, and leaves the room. In the morning, his girlfriend hears the noise of a chainsaw made by a gardener outside and finds the decapitated Paxton in the kitchen. Paxton's head is taken to an older man at the end of the prologue, who later turns out to be the head of the Elite Hunting Club .

The three young Americans Beth, Lorna and Whitney study art in Rome , with the pretty Axelle as a model for them in life drawing. On their way to a weekend trip to Prague together , the students meet Axelle again on the train and allow themselves to be persuaded to travel with her to a seaside resort near Bratislava instead . Whitney is looking for a sexual adventure the whole trip, but initially cannot find a suitable partner for it.

They lodging themselves in a kind of hostel (English Hostel ) one. When the three of them hand in their passports, their photos and personal data are immediately posted on the website of a company called Elite Hunting .

The American businessman Todd bought the murder of Beth and Whitney at auction and gives his rather reserved friend Stuart, who is humiliated by his wife, a "very special birthday present" with Beth, who looks very much like his wife. Axelle lures the three students to a "romantic harvest festival". At this festival, shy Lorna is seduced on a lonely boat trip with a local, during which she is overwhelmed and taken straight to an old factory. There she is murdered by a paying customer: hanging upside down, naked and tied up, she is slowly slit open with a scythe by her murderer, who lies below her in a bathtub in which Lorna's blood flows , and then her throat is cut.

Meanwhile, Beth, Whitney and Axelle relax in the large pool area of ​​the seaside resort, whereby Whitney has now apparently found a sensible partner for the sexual adventure she intended in another tourist. After a brief moment of silence, Beth suddenly finds herself alone in the system and notices that someone is following her. She escapes on a road that passes by. Shortly thereafter, Beth is overwhelmed by a horde of street children, but immediately afterwards apparently freed by Axelle and the older man named Sascha mentioned above. After Axelle got into the car with Beth, Sascha shoots one of the street children.

Beth is taken to the luxurious home of Sascha, who is the boss of the death factory, supposedly to stay there “until the police arrive”. After Beth has calmed down a bit there, the helpers pick her up and provide her as a sacrifice for Stuart at the factory. Whitney has also been abducted there, although an attempt to escape in the meantime failed.

Todd and Stuart now set out on their murders. While Todd forces himself into a butcher's costume, Stuart begins to doubt it. Todd has great fun in the murder room threatening screaming Whitney with a running circular saw. But when her hair gets caught in the circular saw and she is then partially scalped, he is horrified by the sight and wants to let go of her. The guards of the death factory do not accept this, however, as the contract requires him to carry out the murder. When Todd finally refuses, dogs are set on him, killing him and severely mutilating his corpse.

Stuart initially developed great scruples in the death room towards his victim Beth, untied her and wanted to flee with her, but then changed his mind, knocked her down, tied her to the torture chair again and tried to work off her frustration with his wife. But for him it is less about physical violence than about berating her for the insolence of his wife and demanding respect from her.

In the meantime, an Italian customer is offered by the operators of the death factory to kill the injured Whitney as a "special offer", but he refuses. It can also be seen that the tourist Whitney wanted to hook up with also ended up in the death factory: He is being eaten alive from the legs up by the same customer. Now the "special offer" is also being presented to Stuart. He accepts and receives the mutilated Whitney for a small "additional payment".

After seeing Stuart beheading Whitney on a video camera, he returns to Beth and continues to mess with her, mostly with words. When he unties her shackles to rape her on the floor, Beth manages to overpower Stuart and hold him hostage for a while so she can get the attention of the oncoming staff. She can convince Sascha that she has enough money to buy her way out. Her tormentor Stuart, who cannot beat her, cuts off the penis and testicles and feeds them to a dog. When she is made aware that she too has to kill someone if she wants to leave the factory, she orders the guards to let Stuart bleed to death, which she does.

After buying herself out, she hires the street children, Axelle, who continues to act as a decoy for potential murder victims, to lure them away from a party to behead them with a large ax. At the end the street children play soccer with the decapitated Axelle's head, after which the film ends.


“Horror film that elicits various repulsions from its hideous subject, whereby it only varies its predecessor in rudiments. Although trying to draw the character of the perpetrators in the beginning, even shortening the peaks of violence cannot relativize the repulsive world of thought of the film. "

Publication in Germany

In the course of the examination by the Voluntary Self-Control of the Film Industry (FSK) , it was found that the film poses a "serious risk to young people". The FSK therefore initially refused any release.

As Sony, as a member of the leading organization of the film industry (SPIO) , has committed itself to only releasing films in cinemas that have been checked and approved by the FSK, Sony decided to cut the film. This version, shortened by just under 3 minutes, received the label “No youth release” from the FSK and was shown in German cinemas; the unabridged version was shown in Austria.

In addition to the German theatrical version, a German extended version based on the US unrated DVD (available as a steel book and in Amaray packaging) was released on DVD . This is unabridged except for a cut of about 7 seconds and was checked by the SPIO's legal commission for legal harmlessness. However, Sony did not include the addition “criminally harmless” on the DVD - this means that the medium is on the same level as indexed media as being seriously harmful to minors - but only “SPIO / JK checked”.

The Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People (BPjM) actually included this version on List B in the index at the end of February 2008 . List B contains media which, in the opinion of the BPjM, have content that is relevant to criminal law. The Munich District Court came on 10 June 2008 to the same view as the BPjM and caused a seizure due to violence by § 131 of the Criminal Code . On March 2, 2009, the AG Munich issued a confiscation decision . The extended version is therefore subject to a distribution ban in Germany and may no longer be sold.


  • Eli Roth also has a cameo in the second part : This time, however, “only” his severed head can be seen as a trophy.
  • As in the first part, the film Pulp Fiction is shown on television when you first enter the hostel .


Hostel 3 was released at the end of December 2011 .

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