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The Inspector Cyber ​​and Information Space (InspCIR) is the top line superior in his organizational area in the German Armed Forces and is responsible for the readiness of his subordinate units in defensive and offensive operations on the Internet . The necessity of the new command and the entire organizational area was justified by the fact that in the first nine weeks of 2017 alone the networks and computers of the Bundeswehr were exposed to more than 284,000 attacks.

The first and current incumbent is Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos , who was previously head of the CIR development team . The first deputy was Major General Michael Vetter from April 2017 to March 2018, and Major General Jürgen Setzer has been Deputy Inspector since April 2018. After this assignment, Michael Vetter was the first department head to take over the CIT department in the ministry, which was authorized to issue instructions to the inspector. The deputy inspectors also ex officio take on the role of Chief Information Security Officer of the Bundeswehr (CISOBw).

The organizational area was officially created with effect from April 1, 2017 and bundles all skills previously distributed in the other organizational areas. The seat of the inspector is Bonn .


No. Surname Beginning of the appointment End of appointment Remarks image
01 Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos April 1, 2017 The first inspector of the cyber and information space was previously entrusted with setting up the new organizational area as head of the CIR development team.

Deputy inspectors

No. Surname Beginning of the appointment End of appointment Remarks
01 Major General Michael Vetter April 2017 March 2018 Chief of Staff of the Cyber ​​and Information Space Command and thus also first Deputy Inspector of the Cyber ​​and Information Space and CISOBw until March 2018
02 Major General Jürgen Setzer April 2018 at the same time CISOBw

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