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The Ittergau ( ittergowe ), also known as "Nitherga", was a medieval district on the central Eder in the north of Hesse , named after the Eder tributary Itter . The territorial expansion of the Ittergau varied over the course of history; exact limits are currently not guaranteed.

Scope of the Gaus

Gauorte and their first documentary mention were:

  • Goddelsheim (888)
  • Helmscheid (843/77)
  • Immighausen (850)
  • Latterveld, desert near Gembeck or Marsberg (948)
  • Hessinghausen, desert north-west of Meineringhausen (district of Korbach ) (948)
  • Sarmandinghausen, desert between Berndorf ( Twist valley ) and Helmscheid (district of Korbach) (974)
  • Korbach (980)
  • Brüngeringhausen, desert near Goddelsheim (980)
  • Büdefeld and Holhausen, desert areas near Goldhausen (district of Korbach) (980)
  • Lelbach , district of Korbach (980)
  • Rhena , district of Korbach (980)
  • Nieder-Ense , or Ober-Ense near Korbach (both places are mentioned in a document as early as 1010 and today belong to Korbach )
  • Holzhausen, desert 2.5 km east of Korbach (now part of Korbach) (1025)
  • Schmittinghausen, or Twiste (1025)

In the Diemel area were:

  • Anaimuthiun, (also Anavuito and Enemuden) desert near Bredelar (948)
  • Upspringen (also Upsprunge), today Giershagen , a district of Marsberg (948)
  • Giebringhausen (1025)
  • Padberg (also Badberch, Badperch, Bathbergh, Pattberch), a district of Marsberg (June 1, 1030 Münster State Archives)


from 1126:

  • the Itterburg (castrum ithere), ruins near Thalitter (part of the municipality of Vöhl )
  • Dorfitter (itere), (part of the municipality of Vöhl)
  • Lauterbach farm (part of the municipality of Vöhl)
  • Dalwig (dalewig), a desolate settlement between Korbach and Dorfitter that fell during the Thirty Years' War , today a memorial stone in the field commemorates it.

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