Jakob Ignaz Maximilian Stepischnegg

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Bishop Jakob Maximilian Stepischnegg (lithograph by Josef Kriehuber from 1863)
Bishop Stepischnegg (Council photo 1870)

Jakob Ignaz Maximilian Stepischnegg ( Slovenian : Jakob Ignac Maksimilijan Stepišnek ; * July 22, 1815 in Cilli ; † June 28, 1889 in Marburg an der Drau ) was Bishop of Lavant .

Jakob Ignaz Maximilian Stepischnegg was ordained a priest on August 2, 1838. On December 21, after the death of Anton Martin Slomšek, who was later beatified, he was appointed his successor as Bishop of Lavant and consecrated on January 18, 1863 by the Salzburg Archbishop Cardinal Maximilian Joseph von Tarnóczy .

Stepischnegg was the second bishop who no longer resided in St. Andrä im Lavanttal , but in Marburg, now in Slovenia. He died on June 28, 1889 and was buried in Marburg Cathedral.


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