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Johann Metz (born January 4, 1809 in Roßau ; † July 29, 1887 in Urfahr ) was an Austrian master builder , councilor and co-founder of the Chamber of Commerce in Linz on the Danube.


Johann Metz was included in the guild book of Linz builders on May 29, 1834 during a phase of brisk regional construction activity ( horse-drawn railway Budweis – Linz – Gmunden , Maximilian tower line ). He quickly made a name for himself as an architect and subsequently built a number of townhouses and villas in and around Linz.

Johann Metz was friends with the poet, school councilor and state curator Adalbert Stifter , who lived from 1848 until his death in 1868 in the house at Untere Donaulände 6 , which is now the Stifterhaus . It was also Metz who built the first bourgeois country houses in the popular resort of Kirchschlag, north of Linz , where donors would often visit during his spa stays. The house built by Metz in 1861 is therefore known as the donor's villa .


Buildings erected by Johann Metz:

place area address Construction year comment Illustration
Kirchschlag (formerly No. 25) 1858 Lower, large Metzvilla
Kirchschlag No. 38 (formerly No. 27) 1861 Stiftervilla , upper, small Metzvilla A4202-Kirchschlag-Stiftervilla 2013 001.JPG
Linz Bulgarian place Poschacherstraße 26 1840 Poschachervilla , former Gabrielenhof A4020-Poschacherstr-26 07-2013 011.jpg
Linz Bulgarian place Wagner-Jauregg-Weg 15 1864 Alttrakt of Neuromed campus as a 1867 state insane asylum Niederhart opened NeuromedCampus-Altbau.jpg
Linz Frog mountain Fritz-Lach-Weg 5 1843 Private villa Reiß on the site of the Binderdudl excursion inn, which was operated until 1841 Fritz-Lach-Weg 5.JPG
Linz Frog mountain Freinbergstrasse 32 1853 College Aloisianum Freinberg Freinbergstrasse 32.JPG
Linz Inner city Adalbert-Stifter-Platz 1 1846 Adalbert Stifter House Stifterhaus Linz.JPG
Linz Inner city Baumbachstrasse 20 Residential building, extension of a former barn according to plans by Metz. 1877 Reorganization into a hop store by master builder Josef Marschler. 1889 further redesign and new facade by Michael Lettmayr Linz Baumbachstrasse 20 - 2018.jpg
Linz Inner city Bethlehemstrasse 35 1836 Biedermeier house, giant wall pillars with Ionic-Egyptian capitals, triangular gable Linz Betlehemstrasse 35.jpg
Linz Inner city Hauptplatz 24 1852 Bazaar, residential and commercial building, conversion of the house on the main square, first mentioned in 1470 Linz main square 24.jpg
Linz Inner city Herrenstrasse 14 1856 Facade of the free house of Spital am Pyhrn Abbey, built in 1652 and privatized in 1807
Linz Inner city Klammstrasse 1 1836 Town house, extension on the front of the Klammstrasse
Linz Inner city Landhausplatz 1 1867 Meeting room in the Linz Landhaus
Linz Inner city Promenade 25 1852 New residential building after the demolition of the house mentioned for the first time in 1595, but the romantic-historicist facade was largely knocked off in 1955, since 2017 part of the "Promenade Galleries" opened in 2018 Linz Promenade 25 - Promenaden Galleries.jpg
Linz Inner city Promenade 29 1842 Residential and commercial building, extension with a second floor and iron roof truss for the former estate owner house
Linz Inner city Steingasse 6 1837 1861–1995 oldest vocational school in Upper Austria, hotel since 2017 and part of the " Promenaden Galleries " opened in 2018 Linz Steingasse 6 - 2018.jpg
Linz Inner city Lower Danube area 8 1844 Residential house with nine-axis three-storey facade


Johann-Metz-Straße in the port area of ​​Linz was named after the builder in 1967. It leads over a length of about 420 meters from Pummererstraße to Prinz-Eugen-Straße.


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