Johann Tobias Krebs (classical philologist)

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Johann Tobias Krebs (born December 16, 1718 in Buttstädt ; † April 6, 1782 in Grimma ) was a German philologist and educator. Krebs was the principal of the Princely School in Grimma for 19 years .


Krebs was the son of Bach's student Johann Tobias Krebs , who worked as an organist and cantor in Buttelstedt and Buttstädt. His mother was the pastor's daughter Magdalene Susanne Falcke (1677–1721). After attending the school in his hometown, Krebs attended the Thomas School in Leipzig in 1729 . Krebs enrolled at the University of Leipzig on April 5, 1739 , where he studied ancient languages and theology after graduating from university in 1740 . Lucrative scholarships and a position as a private tutor with the Mayor of Leipzig Stieglitz enabled his financial support.

At the university he attended lectures on the Hebrew language with Johann Christian Hebenstreit , philosophy with Johann August Ernesti , history with Christian Gottlieb Jöcher , the theory of nature was introduced to him by Johann Friedrich Menz and Johann Heinrich Winkler and mathematics by Christian August Hausen . After he had obtained his baccalaureate on December 23, 1742, and the degree of Master of Philosophy on February 21, 1743, he completed his habilitation in 1744 and gave lectures on the New Testament. In 1746 he became vice rector at the Lyceum in Chemnitz . In 1752 he was employed as the third teacher at the Princely School in Grimma . From 1751 he was vice rector and in 1763 he became rector of the educational institution. An oil painting depicting him is in the archive of the Grimma High School.

Works (selection)

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Cancer tradition in Grimma

In the auditorium of the St. Augustin high school in Grimma there is a historical oil painting showing Rector Krebs.

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