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Jutta Meurers-Balke (born Jutta Balke ; born December 6, 1949 in Fritzlar ) is a German archaeologist and archaeobotanist .

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Jutta Meurers-Balke is the daughter of the civil engineer Kurt Balke and his wife Marta nee. Textor. She attended elementary school in Fritzlar , from 1960 the Ursuline school and after secondary school, the König-Heinrich-Schule , where she passed the Abitur in 1968 . From 1968 to 1978 she studied prehistory and early history with Hermann Schwabedissen and Karl Hermann Jacob-Friesen , classical archeology with Tobias Dohrn and Hans Georg Niemeyer , geology with Karl Brunnacker and ethnology with Kurt Tauchmann at the University of Cologne .

In 1975 she passed the Magister examination with a thesis on the Ertebølle culture in Denmark. As the successor to Rudolf Schütrumpf, she became head of the “Laboratory for Pollen Analysis and Vegetation History” at the Institute for Prehistory and Protohistory at the University of Cologne. She also completed a supplementary degree in botany with funding from the Volkswagen Foundation . In 1975/1976 she led excavations in Siggeneben-Süd . The results of this research on the Funnel Beaker culture were in the supervised by Hermann Schwabedissen and Rudolf Schütrumpf dissertation together with which it 1978 Natural History of Mathematics at the Faculty of the University of Cologne doctorate was.

The laboratory she headed was renamed “Labor für Archäobotanik” in the 1980s. In 2015 she retired . A colloquium was held in Rheinbach in 2014 to honor her scientific work .

Jutta Meurers-Balke has been married to the lawyer Theo Meurers since 1975. You live in Cologne-Nippes .


In 2005 the “Archaeobotanical Working Group NRW” with Ingrid Cloß, Arie J. Kalis, Jutta Meurers-Balke, Ursula Tegtmeier and Ralf Urz received the German Archeology Prize from the German Society for Prehistory and Early History .


Jutta Meurers-Balke published around 200 articles from 1973 to 2017 and edited conference papers and commemorative volumes.

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