Karl Asmus von Schenckendorf

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Karl Asmus von Schenckendorf (born June 21, 1796 in Weißensee near Berlin , † February 6, 1875 in Berlin ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



Karl Asmus was a son of the Prussian captain Johann Karl von Schenckendorf (1751-1818) and his wife Karoline Friederike Lucie, née Freiin von Danckelmann (* 1775).

Military career

Schenckendorf visited the Berlin cadet house and was initially not taken into active service, but returned to his father in July 1811. On January 11, 1812, he then joined as Portepeefähnrich into the body Infantry Regiment of the Prussian army one, was granted leave to Schenckendorfstraße 1 August 1812th

In mid-March 1813 he returned to the regiment as a volunteer hunter and was promoted to secondary lieutenant by early June 1813 . During the wars of liberation he was wounded in the battle of Großgörschen and then fought near Bautzen , Katzbach and Wavre . For Ligny he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class. Schenckendorf also took part in the transition at Wartenburg and the battles at Königswartha, Bunzlau and St. Germain and was wounded at Freyburg .

After the war he was promoted to Prime Lieutenant on November 19, 1819 , and on November 27, 1820, he was aggregated to the Kaiser Alexander Grenadier Regiment and enlisted on May 29, 1821. On May 21, 1824 Schenckendorf took his leave as a captain with the right to wear his army uniform.

On September 6, 1827, Schenkendorf was aggregated as a cavalry master without a patent to the 4th Dragoon Regiment and on May 14, 1829 he received the patent for his rank. On March 15, 1832, he was aggregated to the 2nd Dragoon Regiment , promoted to major at the end of March 1843, and on January 15, 1850, he was transferred to the 3rd Dragoon Regiment as commander. In this position Schenckendorf rose to colonel by March 1852 and was appointed commander of the 10th Cavalry Brigade on September 25, 1855 . There he was promoted on 15 October 1856 Major General on 14 May 1858 award of the Red Eagle II. Class with oak leaves with board for disposition made. After his departure, Schenckendorf received the character of Lieutenant General on October 21, 1871. He died on February 6, 1875 in Berlin and was buried on February 10, 1875 in the cemetery in the Hasenheide.

He had already sold the Weissensee manor at that time in 1821 for 65,000 thalers to the merchant and inventor Johann Heinrich Leberecht Pistorius .


Schenckendorf married on October 3rd, 1846 in Zirke Hedwig Anna von den Brinken († 1883).


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