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Karl Heinrich Ludwig Pölitz (born August 17, 1772 in Ernstthal , † February 27, 1838 in Leipzig ) was a German historian .

Portrait of the dead of Professor Poelitz , drawn by Gustav Schlick


Karl Heinrich Ludwig Pölitz had been a private lecturer in philosophy in Leipzig since 1794 , and professor of morality and history at the cadet institute in Dresden since 1795 . In 1803 he became professor in Wittenberg and in 1815 professor at the University of Leipzig . In addition, he was a long time editor of the Leipzig literary newspaper founded in 1800 .


  • A street in the Gohlis district of Leipzig was named after Pölitz: the former Turnerstrasse has been called Pölitzstrasse since 1900 .
  • In Hohenstein-Ernstthal , a street in the Ernstthal district is also named after Pölitz.

Fonts (selection)

  • Semiramis. A romantic painting from prehistoric times (Freyberg 1800)
  • Attempt of a system of the German style . Four parts (Görlitz 1800/1801)
  • Elementary book of the most worth knowing and indispensable from the German language (Görlitz 1802)
  • General German linguistics / logically and aesthetically justified, and accompanied by literary notes (Leipzig 1804)
  • Early Christianity (Danzig 1804)
  • Handbook of World History (Leipzig 1805, 3 vol .; 7th edition by Bülau and Zimmer, 1851–1853)
  • The aesthetics for educated readers (Leipzig 1805)
  • History, statistics and description of the earth of the Kingdom of Saxony and the Duchy of Warsaw for self-teaching and teaching for young people (Leipzig 1808 to 1810, 3 vol.)
  • The state doctrine for thinking businessmen, chamberists and educated readers . Two parts (Leipzig 1808)
  • The Rhine Confederation presented historically and statistically (Leipzig 1811)
  • Handbook of the history of the sovereign states of the Rhine Confederation (first volume, Leipzig 1811)
  • Franz Volkmar Reinhard after his life and work (Leipzig 1813/1815)
  • The German people and empire. Shown for academic lectures (Leipzig 1816)
  • History of the Kingdom of Saxony (Leipzig 1817)
  • The language of the Germans. Philosophically and historically for academic lectures and for self-teaching (Leipzig 1820)
  • The political sciences in the light of our time (Leipzig 1823, 5 vol .; new edition 1827)
  • The European constitutions since 1789 up to the most recent times (Leipzig 1817 to 1825, 4 vol .; 2nd ed. 1832–33, 3 vol .; vol. 4 von Bülau, 1847)
    • 2nd edition, Volume 4, Part 1, Leipzig 1847 ( full text ).
  • The total area of ​​the German language according to prose, poetry and eloquence presented theoretically and practically . Third volume: Language of Poetry (Leipzig 1825) ( digitized and full text in the German text archive ).
  • Ground plan for encyclopedic lectures on the entire political sciences (Leipzig 1825)
  • Little world history . 6th edition (Leipzig 1829)
  • The government of Friedrich August, King of Saxony (Leipzig 1830, 2 vol.)
  • Constitutional life according to its forms and conditions (Leipzig 1831)
  • Political science lectures for the educated classes in constitutional states . Three parts (Leipzig 1831–1833)
  • Critical review of the latest literature in the entire field of political science . Two parts (Leipzig 1835)
  • Austrian history (newly edited by Ottokar Lorenz , 3rd edition, Vienna 1877).


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