Karl von Forstner (General, 1800)

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Baron Karl Albert Magnus von Forstner (born April 29, 1800 in Potsdam , † June 9, 1882 in Detmold ) was a Prussian major general .



Karl was the son of the Prussian major in the 1st Battalion of the Guard Friedrich Ernst von Forstner (1753-1805) and his wife Johanna Philippine, née Büttner (1771-1842).

Military career

Forstner visited the Berlin Cadet House from 1814 and was the personal page of King Friedrich Wilhelm III from 1816 . On April 19, 1817, he was a second lieutenant of the 1st Guards Regiment walk the Prussian Army transferred. In 1822/23 he graduated from the General War School and in 1826/28 he was assigned to the topographical office . Forstner was promoted to captain by the end of March 1834 , was assigned to the General Staff and transferred there a year later. This was followed by a three-year assignment in the General Staff of the III. Army Corps until Forstner returned to service on April 7, 1842, when he was promoted to major. He commanded the Fusilier Battalion until March 30, 1846, then was commander of the 1st Battalion in the 13th Landwehr Regiment in Münster and in this position was promoted to lieutenant colonel at the end of September 1850 . For a short time, Forstner was active as a staff officer in the 39th Infantry Regiment from October 10, 1850 to June 30, 1851 , then was placed in command of Wesel and in mid-August 1851 à la suite of the regiment. There he was promoted to colonel on December 2, 1851 and in January 1854 on the occasion of the festival with the Order of the Red Eagle III. Excellent with a bow. Forstner received on January 25, 1855 permission to use the baron title. On June 10, 1856, he came as a commander in the 14th Infantry Brigade , but already on October 11, 1856 Forstner received his parting with inn . On June 30, 1857, he got the character as a major general before April 8, 1858 Pension zur disposition was made. He died on June 9, 1882 in Detmold.


Forstner married on June 23, 1829 in Zalencze Charlotte von Wrochem (1803-1840). The daughter Antonie Charlotte Johanna (* 1830) emerged from the marriage. After the death of his first wife, he married Bertha von Bronikowski (1821–1881) on March 18, 1843 in Münster. The couple had several children:

  • Bruno Karl Friedrich Johann (* 1844), captain a. D. ∞ Anna Heine
  • Charlotte Bertha Johann Eleonore Susanna (* 1846)


Individual evidence

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