La Tropicale Amissa Bongo Ondimba

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La Tropicale Amissa Bongo Ondimba is a road bike race in Gabon that was first held in 2006. The stage race , each consisting of eight sections, is part of the UCI Africa Tour , in which it was classified in the UCI category 2.2 in the first two years and was added to the higher category 2.1 in 2008. The name of the event is intended to remember Albertine Amissa Bongo , the daughter of the Gabonese President Omar Bongo Ondimba , who died in 1993 . In 2008 the total race distance was 594 kilometers. In 2015, however, it was 966 kilometers. The record winner is the Frenchman Anthony Charteauwho won the race three times between 2010 and 2012 .


Wikidata logo S.svgyear winner Second Third
2006 FIN Jussi Veikkanen FRA Frédéric Guesdon RUS Yevgeny Sokolov
2007 FRA Frédéric Guesdon FRA Pierre Rolland FIN Jussi Veikkanen
2008 FRA Lilian Jégou FRA Yann Pivois FRA Rony Martias
2009 FRA Matthieu Ladagnous POR Filipe Cardoso FRA Pierre Rolland
2010 FRA Anthony Charteau RSA Ian McLeod FRA Julien Loubet
2011 FRA Anthony Charteau BEL Andy Cappelle MAR Adil Jelloul
2012 FRA Anthony Charteau ERI Meron Russom MAR Adil Jelloul
2013 FRA Yohann Gène MAR Soufiane Haddi BEL Gaëtan Bille
2014 ERI Natnael Berhane ESP Luis León Sánchez ESP Egoitz García
2015 TO DO Rafaâ Chtioui FRA Giovanni Bernaudeau ALG Abdelkader Belmokhtar
2016 FRA Adrien Petit ITA Andrea Palini FRA Anthony Delaplace
2017 FRA Yohann Gène ERI Issak Tesfom Okubamariam GER Nicodemus Holler
2018 RWA Joseph Areruya GER Nicodemus Holler FRA Damien Gaudin
2019 ITA Niccolò Bonifazio FRA Lorrenzo Manzin GER André Greipel
2020 FRA Jordan Levasseur ERI Natnael Tesfatsion FRA Emmanuel Morin

Individual evidence

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