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The list of kings of Aragón includes the rulers of the medieval Kingdom of Aragón , from its creation in the 9th century to its merger with the Kingdom of Castile to form the Kingdom of Spain in the 16th century.

Aragón was founded as a county by the Frankish kings from the Carolingian dynasty as one of the counties of the Spanish mark . By succession, the county came into the possession of the Basque kings of Navarre in 922. King Sancho III. of Navarre ordered the division of his lands among his sons at his death, with the title of king now also remaining with Aragón, which thus became a kingdom.

The marriage of Queen Petronella with Count Raimund Berengar IV of Barcelona was historically significant , after which Aragón and the Catalan county were united in the territorial conglomerate of the Crown Aragón .

List of the kings of Aragon

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House Jiménez

image Name
(dates of life)
Reign relationship Remarks
Ramiro I de Aragón (1100-1145) .jpeg Ramiro I.
Remiro I
(* around 1000; † 1063)
1035-1063 Son of the predecessor
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-sanç-I-darago.jpg Sancho I. Ramírez
Sancho Remíriz
(* around 1042 - † June 4, 1094)
1063-1094 Son of the predecessor As Sancho V also King of Navarre.
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-pere-I-darago.jpg Peter I.
Pero I
(* around 1068; † September 27/28, 1104)
1094-1104 Son of the predecessor Conquered Huesca in 1096 and Barbastro in 1100 .
Alfonso I the warrior
Alifonso I lo Batallero
(* 1073 - 7 September 1134)
1104-1134 Brother of the predecessor Conquered Zaragoza in 1118 and Tudela in 1119 . Was at war with his wife Urraca of León-Castile and their son Alfonso VII the emperor .
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-ramir-II-darago.jpg Ramiro II the monk
Remiro II o Monche
(* April 24, 1086 - † August 16, 1157)
1134-1157 Brother of the predecessor Raised as a monk to king, he gave the reign to his son-in-law Raimund Berengar in 1137 and withdrew. He held the title of king until his death
PetronilaAragonska.png Petronella
( 1136--13 October 1173)
1137-1164 Daughter of the predecessor
Raimund Berengar
Remón Berenguer o Santo
1137-1162 Husband of Petronella Count of Barcelona and as a man Petronella "Prince of Aragón" ( Príncípe de Aragón ). Through their marriage, the Catalan county of Barcelona was united with Aragón.

House Barcelona

image Name
(dates of life)
Reign relationship Remarks
TumboA.jpg Alfonso II the Chaste
Alifonso II o Casto
(* March 25, 1157 - † April 25, 1196)
1163-1196 Son of the predecessor
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-pere-II-darago.jpg Peter II the Catholic
Pero II o Catolico
(* 1174; † September 13, 1213)
1196-1213 Son of the predecessor Victory in conjunction with the other Christian kings of Spain in 1212 in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa over the Almohads. Fell in 1213 in the battle of Muret against the crusaders of the Albigensian crusade .
Jaume Mateu - James I the Conqueror - Google Art Project.jpg Jacob I the Conqueror
Chaime I o Conqueridor
(February 2, 1208 - July 27, 1276)
1213-1276 Son of the predecessor Conquered the Balearic Islands from the Muslims until 1235 and was crowned King of Mallorca . In 1238 the conquest of Valencia followed , with which the Aragonese Reconquista was concluded. Established with Ludwig IX. (Saint Louis) established the border between Aragón and France in the Treaty of Corbeil (1258) and gained full sovereignty of Catalonia (county of Barcelona) from France. Established the supremacy of Aragon in the western Mediterranean.
Pedro III rey de Aragón.jpg Peter III the great
Pero III lo Gran
(* 1240 - 11 November 1285)
1276-1285 Son of the predecessor Conquered Sicily in 1282 and was crowned its king ( Sicilian Vespers ). Defended his kingdom against the Aragonese crusade directed against him .
GonçalPerisJaumeMateu-AlfonsLiberal-6645.jpg Alfons III the magnificent
Alifonso III o Liberal
(* 1265 - † June 18, 1291)
1285-1291 Son of the predecessor
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-jaume-II-darago.jpg Jacob II the Just
Chaime II
(August 10, 1267 - November 2, 1327)
1291-1327 Brother of the predecessor King of Sicily (James I) since 1285. Conquered Sardinia in 1323 for the Crown of Aragón.
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-alfons-IV-darago.jpg Alfonso IV the
Benevolent Alifonso IV lo Bueno
(* 1299 - † January 24, 1336)
1327-1336 Son of the predecessor
GonçalPerisJaumeMateu-PereCerimonios-6644.jpg Peter IV the Ceremonial
Pero IV o Ceremonioso
(* September 5, 1319 - † January 6, 1387)
1336-1387 Son of the predecessor 1343 ousted his cousin, King James III. from Mallorca , and thus permanently united the Balearic Islands with Aragón.
Rotlle-genealogic-poblet-johan-I-darago.jpg John I the hunter
Chuan I o Cazataire
(* December 27, 1350 - † May 19, 1396)
1387-1396 Son of the predecessor
Martín I de Aragón.jpg Martin I the Humane
Martín I l'Humanista
(born July 29, 1356 - † May 31, 1410)
1396-1410 Brother of the predecessor In 1409 he succeeded his son as King of Sicily (Martin II) and thus permanently united this crown with Aragón. With him the house of Barcelona died out in the male line, which resulted in a two-year vacancy of the throne.

House Trastámara

image Name
(dates of life)
Reign relationship Remarks
Ferran d'Antequera al retaule Sancho de Rojas (detall) .jpg Ferdinand I the Just
Ferrando d'Antequera
(born November 27, 1380 - † April 2, 1416)
1412-1416 Maternal grandchildren of Peter IV. Second son of King John I of Castile . Was recognized as King of Aragon in the compromise of Caspe (1412).
GonçalPerisJaumeMateu-AlfonsMagnanim-6643.jpg Alfonso V the Magnanimous
Alifonso V lo Magnanimo
(* 1396 - † June 27, 1458)
1416-1458 Son of the predecessor
Joan II d'Aragó.jpg John II the Faithless
Chuan II
(born June 29, 1397/98; † January 19, 1479)
1458-1479 Brother of the predecessor
Michel Sittow 004.jpg Ferdinand II the Catholic
Ferrando II o Catolico
(* March 10, 1452 - † January 23, 1516)
1479-1516 Son of the predecessor As the husband of Queen Isabella I , he was her co-king (Ferdinand V) in Castile. This marriage initiated the unification of Castile and Aragon to form the Kingdom of Spain, to which he continued to supply the crowns of Sardinia, Sicily and, from 1504, Naples. Also annexed most of the Kingdom of Navarre in 1512 . From 1506 until his death he was the guardian of Castile for his daughter.
Johanna I van Castilië.JPG Joana I the Mad
Joana la Boja
(* November 6, 1479; † April 12, 1555)
1516-1555 Daughter of the predecessor As the daughter of Isabella I, Queen of Castile since 1504 and, as the daughter of Ferdinand II, Queen of Aragón from 1516. Never ruled, but was under his father's guardianship until the death of her father. Upon his death, their son Karl was immediately crowned King of Castile and Aragon, who took over the government.
Joan's son, Karl , was crowned King of Castile, León, Galicia, Granada, Aragón, Valencia, Mallorca, Navarra, Sardinia, Sicily and Naples in 1516. For the kings of the Kingdom of Spain thus founded, see: List of Heads of State of Spain

Further development

The institutions of the countries associated with the Crown of Aragón continued to exist in united Spain and were only dissolved after the end of the War of the Spanish Succession by the Decretos de Nueva Planta issued by King Philip V and united with the Castilian institutions to form a centralized Spanish state. This first affected Aragón and Valencia in 1707, followed by Mallorca ( Balearic Islands ) in 1715 and finally in 1716 by Catalonia . Only Navarre , which had supported the Bourbon side during the war, was able to maintain its autonomous status.

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