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Lois Pregartbauer , also Alois, Louis, Luis , (born May 22, 1899 in Misselsdorf bei Mureck , Styria , † April 14, 1971 in Vienna ) was an Austrian painter and graphic artist .


Lois Pregartbauer's artistic training included short periods of study at the Academy of Fine Arts , the Technical University and the School of Applied Arts in Vienna, as well as private lessons with Erich Wagner and Remigius Geyling . In essence, however, he is considered to be self-taught . With the Hagenbund (1931 to 1938), the Künstlerhaus (1938 to 1945 and again from 1963) and the Secession (1946 to 1963, including 1957 to 1960 as President), he was a member of all three major Viennese artists' associations during the course of his career.

In 1937 Lois Pregartbauer was part of the founding collective for the cultural magazine Plan, which was banned in 1938 and reappeared in 1945 . In 1946 he worked on the development of the founding program for the art school of the city of Linz .

From 1913 to 1950, the artist was employed in the technical service of the Vienna Transport Company and did military service in both world wars (1917 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945).


Not easy to classify stylistically, Pregartbauer's oeuvre from the “New Objectivity” at the beginning of the 1930s to the constructivist tendencies after 1945 was predominantly committed to the representational. In addition to religious scenes, he preferred landscapes and cities as motifs, and he achieved his highest mastery as a pastel painter . He also designed posters, book covers and murals on public buildings and provided the artistic design for the trade fair pavilions and ships of VÖEST .

Lois Pregartbauer participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, including the art exhibition at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1935 , the art exhibition in Krakow in 1943 and the first São Paulo Biennale in 1951. The solo exhibitions in Essen (1956, 1960, 1964) should be emphasized ), Salzburg (1961) and Paris (1962). His works can be found in private and public collections. a. in the Austrian Gallery , the Vienna Museum , the Albertina Graphic Collection and the Mannheim City Art Gallery .


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