Los Hermanos (band)

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Los Hermanos
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General information
origin Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Genre (s) Indie rock
founding 1997
Website www.loshermanos.com.br
Current occupation
Marcelo Camelo
Vocals, guitar, bass
Rodrigo Amarante
Rodrigo Barba
Bruno Medina

Los Hermanos is a Brazilian rock band from Rio de Janeiro who incorporate both indie rock and samba into their music.

The band name Los Hermanos is Spanish and means The Brothers .


While they were still studying at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro , Marcelo Camelo and Rodrigo Barba formed a band that mainly played light texts about love. With the saxophonist and keyboard player Bruno Medina, who also studied at the university, the band grew. Later the musicians Rodrigo Amarante (vocals, guitar, drums), Patrick Laplan (bass), Marcio (trumpet) and Carlos and Victor (both saxophone) joined them. In 1997 the band recorded their first demos Chora and Amor e Folia .

The demos quickly gained notoriety in Rio de Janeiro's underground scene. Paulo André, the director of the Abril Pro Rock Festival, then invited her to Recife . Furthermore, they were invited to one of the largest alternative rock festivals in Brazil, the Superdemo . In 1999 their first album Los Hermanos came out, with the release of which Anna Júlia achieved a bestseller for the band. The album was produced by influential music producer Rick Bonadio, who is known for bringing out big-name unknown bands. According to Bonadio himself, he would have convinced the band to include this track in the album.

The following single Anna Julia became particularly popular with young people who identify with Jovem Guarda lyrics mixed with rock , ska and samba. The single was inspired by a supporter of the band and brought the band to many radio stations in Brazil as well as to various events such as folk festivals, football stadiums and micaretas (Brazilian carnival), sometimes to play in front of up to 80,000 people. The band also appeared on various television shows. The music video for the single, in which actress Mariana Ximenes can be seen, was broadcast internationally on music channels such as MTV.

In 1999 alone the album was sold 300,000 times and the singles Anna Julia and Primavera both hit the charts. In 2000 the album was nominated for a Grammy and they won the Multishow Award with Anna Julia in the "Best Song" category, beating competitors like Chico Buarque . The success of Anna Julia overshadowed the band's further career, while they always tried to build on the success. The song was covered by many different musicians including Jim Capaldi with George Harrison .

After the outstanding success of their first album, Los Hermanos released Bloco do Eu Sozinho in 2001 , concentrating more on rock mixes, samba and other Brazilian rhythms. Some of the songs were played at the Rock in Rio III music festival . Since the bassist Patrick Laplan was musically oriented differently, he left the band and in turn founded the band Eskimo. With this album the sales figures of the first album were not reached, the band only appeared in smaller events. Still, songs like Todo Carnaval tem seu Fim (first single), A Flor and Sentimental hits.

In 2003 the album Ventura followed with musical influences of Samba, Choro and Bossa Nova , published by BMG . Although this album did not match the success of Los Hermanos either , it was received positively by music journalists, and the band gained more prominence in the alternative rock scene in Brazil, mainly because of their elaborate lyrics and the mix of Brazilian rhythms and rock music. With songs from Samba a Dois to Pop-Rock O Vencedor on the album, the Los Hermanos wanted to further expand their fame throughout Brazil. The first single Cara Estranho was nominated for various radio and video awards. This was followed by O Vencedor and Último Romance , the latter by Rodrigo Amarante, who can be attributed five of the 15 songs on the album, which makes him stand out in the songwriting scene. The singer Maria Rita recorded three songs by Marcelo Camelo in her album: Santa Chuva , Cara Valente and Veja Bem Meu Bem .

In July 2004, Marcelo Camelo was attacked by the singer of the band Charlie Brown Jr , Chorão, in the arrivals hall at Fortaleza Airport , whereupon Chorão was arrested by the police. Despite a written apology, Chorão was reported by Camelo and sued for immorality for damages due to failed obligations. The attack was based on statements made by Marcelo Camelo and Rodrigo Amarante in Oi magazine about inconsistencies in a Coca-Cola advertising campaign.

The fourth album, 4, followed in 2005. It was produced by Alexandre Kassin, has a self-reflective content and is more in the direction of Música Popular Brasileira .

In 2006 Los Hermanos toured Portugal with The Strokes and Spain with the Portuguese rock band Toranja.

On April 23, 2007 the band announced an indefinite hiatus after 10 years of uninterrupted work on their career. Camelo released the album Sou in 2008 . Toque Dela, Rodrigo Amarante and Fabrizio Moretti , drummers of The Strokes, founded the superband Little Joy together with their bands.

In 2009 Los Hermanos played at the Just a Fest festival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro alongside Kraftwerk and Radiohead . The following year they played at the Começa Com Você festival and gave four more gigs . To celebrate their 15th anniversary, they toured 13 cities in Brazil in 2012.

In December 2014 the band announced that they would give three concerts in the Marina da Glória for the 450th anniversary of their hometown Rio de Janeiro in 2015 . As a result, over 27,000 fans shouted Queremos! started crowdfunding to support the band for a tour of eight other Brazilian cities. Since a large number of tickets were sold quickly, the band announced a fourth concert in the Marina da Glória.



  • 1998: Amor e Folia
  • 1998: Chora


  • 1999: Los Hermanos (Abril Music)
  • 2001: Bloco do Eu Sozinho (Abril Music)
  • 2003: Ventura ( BMG )
  • 2005: 4 ( Sony BMG )

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