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Luise F. Pusch (2013)

Luise F. Pusch (born January 14, 1944 in Gütersloh ) is a German feminist linguist . Together with Senta Trömel-Plötz, she is considered the founder of feminist linguistics in Germany. She has also published under the pseudonym Judith Offenbach .


Luise Pusch studied English , Latin and general linguistics at the University of Hamburg . In 1972, she was in the subject English studies with a dissertation on the substantiation of verbs with Satzkomplementen in English and in German doctorate . In 1978 she qualified as a lecturer in linguistics at the University of Konstanz with the text Contrastive Investigations on the Italian gerundio . From 1979 to 1984 she was a Heisenberg fellow in the field of feminist-linguistic research. In 1981 she published the autobiographical novel Sonja: a melancholy for advanced learners about her partner who died through suicide , under the pseudonym Judith Offenbach. Before feminist language criticism became her specialty, she dealt with syntactic questions such as gerundive construction . Between 1982 and 1985 she was a substitute for a German and an English professorship at the universities of Hanover and Duisburg . In 1985 she was appointed adjunct professor at the University of Konstanz. In 1990 and 1991 she was a substitute for a professorship for women's studies at the University of Münster .

As of January 2014, Pusch has been in a relationship with the US Germanist Joey Horsley (* 1940) since 1986 and lives partly in Hanover and partly in Boston.


Pusch has been committed to gender equitable language since 1979 , for example in essays, glosses, disputes, lectures and workshops.

In her collection of texts, Das Deutsche als Männersprache: Diagnosis and therapeutic proposals, published in 1984, she wrote that there was male-oriented ( androcentric ) discrimination by the standard German language ; this is problematic; the most convincing and simplest solution to the problem is partial degeneracy. Instead, the female endings -in and -innen could be abolished: Female professors would then be named professors or a writer . Due to the expected non-acceptance of this proposal, they called for a stepping up of the internal-I (about students ) to Beidnennungen (students) should be avoided. Often, Pusch advocates the general use of the generic feminine .

In addition to her linguistic work, she has compiled more than 30,000  biographies of women in the FemBio database , of which over 8,000 are available online.

Comments on current affairs

Luise Pusch writes comments on current events on her blog “Laut & Luise”. Some of their contributions are taken over by magazines. a. from Emma .

A few days after the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 , in March 2015 Pusch published a text on her blog and as a comment marked by name in the magazine Emma , in which she called for a quota for women among pilots. The suicide rate in men is four times higher than in women; therefore every female pilot reduces the risk of passengers to become the victim of an extended suicide . Pusch criticized that reporting on the accident was a “blind spot” , as the 14 girls and two boys killed were simply referred to as “16 students” and the two teachers killed as “teachers”.

The text aroused "outrage in the social networks " and reader comments, especially on Twitter , where Emma was accused, among other things, of "instrumentalizing the victims for the quota". Author Pusch defended herself against the “ Shitstorm ” , also on Twitter, and referred to “many readers (who) like the women's quota for the cockpit” as well as an article in Switzerland on Sunday that also supports her thesis factually. The Austrian Women's Ring and other associations regretted the shit storm and called for a discussion of the proposal.


The book women association , a network of women in the book industry, selected Luise F. Pusch as 'Book Woman of the Year 2004'.

On her 70th birthday she was honored with the festschrift Die Sprachwandlerin .

The Darmstadt Luise Büchner Society awarded her the 5th Luise Büchner Prize for Journalism in November 2016 .


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