Marseille (TV series)

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Television series
German title Marseille
Original title Marseille
Country of production France
original language French
Year (s) 2016-2018
Federation Entertainment
Episodes 16 in 2 seasons ( list )
genre drama
Theme music Orange Blossom - Ya sîdî
idea Dan Franck
production Pascal Breton
music Alexandre Desplat
First broadcast May 5, 2016 on Netflix
first broadcast
May 5, 2016 on Netflix

Marseille is a French television series directed by Dan Franck and starring Gérard Depardieu . The series is the first French project of the online streaming platform Netflix . The first season consists of eight episodes. Although the project has extremely strong similarities with the series Boss of the station starz , many critics see parallels with the series House of Cards, also from Netflix . The series has been available in all Netflix countries since May 5, 2016. On June 6, 2016, Netflix ordered a second season of the series. On February 23, 2018, the second season was released on Netflix. After two seasons, the series was discontinued.


Robert Taro was mayor of the city of Marseille for 20 years . For the sake of his sick wife, he wants to withdraw from politics and leave the office to his deputy Lucas Barrès.

Taro's daughter Julia has returned from abroad and is starting a traineeship with the newspaper “ La Provence ”. Her research leads her to the problem areas of the city, where she meets the petty criminal Selim. The two start a stormy affair and provoke Julia's former boyfriend Eric.

When Taro's designated successor Lucas Barrès voted against a planned luxury development of the port area, the mayor saw his political legacy in danger. Torn between the wellbeing of his family and his own ambitions, Taro is forced to run again.

He competes against his former protégé, who is waging a relentless election campaign full of hatred and intrigue. Ultimately, it turns out that Lucas is Barrès Taro's illegitimate son.

Cast and dubbing

The German-language dubbing of the series is carried out by VSI Berlin GmbH, Berlin under the dialogue book and dialogue direction by Marianne Groß .

main actor

actor Role name German voice actor
Gérard Depardieu Robert Taro Manfred Lehmann
Benoît Magimel Lucas Barrès Marcus Off
Géraldine Pailhas Rachel Taro Anke Reitzenstein
Stéphane Caillard Julia Taro Janin Stenzel
Nadia Farès Vanessa d'Abrantes Katrin Zimmermann

supporting cast

actor Role name German voice actor
Guillaume Arnault Eric Konrad Bösherz
Hedi Bouchenafa Farid Marcel Collé
Nassim Si Ahmed Selim Jacob Weigert
Jean-René Private Ange Cosini Matthias Deutelmoser
Pascal Elso Pierre Chasseron Lutz Riedel
Carolina Jurczak Barbara Sarah Riedel
Eric Savin Pharamond Uwe Büschken
Hippolyte Girardot Dr. Jean-Michel Osmont Bernd Rumpf
Lionel Erdogan Alain Costabone Florian Hoffmann
Maruschka Detmers Sabine Avery Franziska Pigulla
Nozha Khouadra Chaïma Joste Victoria Storm

Episode list

Season 1 (2016)

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in France German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
1 1 20 years 20 ans 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
After 20 years as mayor, Robert Taro is working on a major project that will become his political legacy: the redesign of the port. He counts on the support of his young deputy and designated successor Lucas Barrès, who, however, votes against the project in the decisive vote in order to take long-cherished revenge on his foster father. The Mafia wants to prevent the project because the planned casino at the port would ruin their slot machine business . Therefore, Ange Cosini has a judge killed before the vote; their absence from the vote prevents Taro's development project.
2 2 straw man Homme de paille 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
3 3 crocodile Crocodile 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
4th 4th manipulation Intox 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
5 5 pronunciation Face to face 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Thomas Gilou Dan Franck
Eric reveals to Julia that Selim had robbed a jeweler with him. Lucas reveals to Taro that he had known for a long time that Taro was his father. Lucas can't forgive him for leaving him and his mother.
6th 6th Freedom, equality, mercilessness Liberté, egalité, sans pitié 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Thomas Gilou Dan Franck
Rachel confronts Taro with an anonymous email, according to which Taro is said to be (again) having a relationship with Sabine Avery. While Taro learns from Sabine that Lucas is apparently behind the denunciation, Rachel meets with Lucas and Taro surprises her during sex. In the next scene, Julia and Selim have sex in the stairwell. Julia and Taro produce further invoices, which are, however, falsified and thus should deprive the allegations of credibility. Julia meets with the informant Claudia Marène, who is in prison and tells her about Lucas visits. At the polling station there is another argument between Eric and Selim, in which Eric stabs Selim with scissors.
7th 7th Vote cast A voté 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Thomas Gilou Dan Franck
After Lucas rejects her advances, Rachel throws herself from the balustrade.
8th 8th The last fight La Lutte Finale 5th May 2016 5th May 2016 Thomas Gilou Dan Franck
Taro uses his wife's critical state of health as a reason to leave a live televised debate with Lucas, just as Lucas confronts him with a bank robbery decades ago. Julia learns from her former boss at the newspaper "La Provence" that he and the doctor from the Osmont family brought Claudia Marène, who was injured in the robbery, to the Camargue; that her father had a relationship with Claudia Marène at that time and drove through the night to get to her and on the way back exhausted had that serious accident that made him addicted to painkillers. Julia then meets with Lucas to inform them that Taro had by no means denounced his mother to the police, but rather had saved her life with his emergency call.

Season 2 (2018)

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title Director script
9 1 Breaking the oath Parjure Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
The choice turns into chaos. Lucas is right at the center of political madness. Rachel makes a disastrous public statement.
10 2 Dominance Emprise Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
As Lucas gets used to his new role, the city is shaken by a high-profile death. Julia is looking for an enigmatic man.
11 3 conquest Conquete Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
While Robert fights against the sale of the stadium, Jeanne pushes Lucas to increase security. Julia's suspicions lead her into dangerous territory.
12 4th resistance Resistance Laïla Marrakchi Dan Franck
Robert makes headway with Julia's research, Jeanne goes solo, and Rachel takes a risk to help Death. Chahid is planning his mission.
13 5 surrender Capitulation Laïla Marrakchi Dan Franck
Eric tries to prevent tragedy and Driss makes an unexpected statement. A crisis puts Lucas in a difficult and vulnerable position.
14th 6th epiphany Révélation Laïla Marrakchi Dan Franck
Extensive changes in the town hall are causing tensions in Marseille to flare up. Eric tells Rachel about Julia's problems. Jeanne makes a disturbing discovery.
15th 7th To give up Abandon Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
The city mourns one of its own, but Robert vows to hold those guilty to account. Lucas struggles with Jeanne's news. Eric falters.
16 8th justice Justice Florent Emilio Siri Dan Franck
Julia pursues a new memory tactic. Jeanne takes a drastic step to protect her career. Robert and Lucas team up to save the city.
All episodes of the season were released simultaneously on Netflix on February 23, 2018.


Carolin Ströbele criticizes a "script that provides few surprises", sees stereotypes instead of realism in Maghreb drug dealers and, on the other hand, misses the "unfinished, wild, chaotic city" in the smoothly polished "image images of the port, cathedral and old town alleys" () "The usual graffiti-sprayed high-rise corridors, the scratched elevator doors" of the Felix Pyat large housing estate are not enough for her).

Moze Halperin describes the dialogues in particular as silly ("silly") and points out that the dramatic montage of images in the opening credits gives the wrong impression that the series deals with Marseille's socio-geographic problem areas ("the title sequence gives the very false impression of a show that will be about the geopolitics of Marseille, and the cultural intersections therein "()).

James Poniewozik sums up his judgment by calling Marseille a telenovela and soap opera ("The story is straight political soap."). He sees the series as a missed opportunity to use the realities of this city as a starting point for a political narrative about contemporary Europe with its tensions between immigration, cultural conflicts and the rise of right-wing extremist movements (“for a political story of modern Europe, with its tensions involving immigration, culture clashes and the rise of the right wing ”()).

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