Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg

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Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg
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Large coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg
State level Baden-Württemberg
position Supreme state authority
founding 1952
Headquarters Stuttgart ( Schlossplatz 4 )
Authority management Edith Sitzmann (Greens)
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The Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg is a ministry in the administration of the state of Baden-Württemberg . On May 12, 2011 it was merged with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to form the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the duration of the green-red legislative period until May 2016 . When the green-black state government took office , the ministry became independent again. The finance ministers since 1945 can be found in the list of finance ministers of Baden-Württemberg .

Business area

The business area includes:

  1. General financial policy and public finance
    1. Budget, cash and accounting , financial planning;
    2. Financial relationships with federal , countries and communities as well as the European Union ;
    3. Money, credit, debt management and state guarantees;
  2. Salary, pension and collective bargaining law including travel and relocation costs law, subsidy law;
  3. Taxation and tax administration , state, municipal and federal taxes ;
  4. State building construction, state assets
    1. Construction management (state building construction),
    2. Real estate management (state properties without forests, accommodation with authorities),
    3. Building management (building management),
    4. Castles and gardens;
    5. Fiscal inheritance law, housing welfare;
  5. State Enterprises and Holdings;
  6. Defense burdens and property issues of the armed forces;
  7. Statistics ;
  8. Reparation .

The authority has its seat in Stuttgart at Schlossplatz. The head of the finance ministry is the finance minister , who is assisted by a state secretary .

Subordinate agencies

The following departments, authorities and institutions, among others, are subordinate to or assigned to the Ministry or are directly or indirectly supervised by it:

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